Quilted colorblock clutch TAUPE BOUTIQUE exclusive! my new addition!

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  1. just got it from ebay it is tooo gorgeous! this is a keeper!

    as some of you know i am parting with much of my collection to pare down to what i actually WEAR ....THIS one will be a keeper!
    i have never seen the colorblock in person and had no idea it SHIMMERS .....the taupe is gorgeous
    this one comes on the next vacation FOR SURE!

    got two other new ones will post


  2. how beautiful! i saw this on *bay....that leather lining is just TDF! and i think she'll look smashing in the Caribbean. it'll compliment her coloring just perfect. shiny sand colored beaches, that gorgeous green-blue water...
  3. Congrats Ginger, what a gorgeous clutch, enjoy, oh no hope the Hudsons aren't on the chopping block :smile:
  4. I honestly think this clutch is perfection. Such a keeper!!
  5. Love it Ginger. You always have great taste! I really want to add one of these to my collection, but the timing never quite works out. Enjoy your new bag!!
  6. Ohhhh leather lining! I can't wait to see your other additions, too!
  7. that is a goooorgeous clutch!

  8. congrats, ginger! i love this color combo and the leather lining is an added bonus. glad to see you back at mj. i can't wait to see what you get next!
  9. yess yess two possibly three are but that's ok i will at least be getting ones that i will WEAR! lol

    JUN......yes the blue water will go perfect with this ...at night with taupe gauzy or white ...or even black
  10. ginger, congrats! that clutch is gorgeous. I'd love to see some modeling pics!
  11. Congrats Ginger! Wear it in good health!!
  12. Congrats on scoring such a gorgie bag, Ging! I love that color combo so much and the leather lining makes me :drool:!
  13. leather lining makes me quiver--it's gorgeous ginger!!!
  14. Another gorgeous addition Ginger! :tup::woohoo: Love the color combination on this clutch. Congrats honey!!!
  15. Gorgeous bad and so special. I love it. I hate to hear about Hudsons on the chopping block, but I know what it's like to have a ton of bags you don't wear often enough. Best to get the ones you will really get use from. This one is a keeper.