Quilted Chanel Chain Bags on Bluefly

  1. Bluefly has FOUR black quilted leather chain handbags right now in the $1400-$1500 range.
  2. All gone - can't find them
  3. these bags look a little off to me, but i could be wrong. i would make sure to have it authenticated, since bluefly has been known to carry fakes before.
  4. :shocked: :shocked:
  5. They don't sell fakes! That was a one time disaster that was over a year ago and has long since been corrected. Sheesh!
  6. I've purchased four high-end bags from Blueflly (Chanel, Fendi, Gucci and Chloe), and they have all been authentic. I did, however, have a bad experience with a wool sweater that had clearly been worn. There was pilling all over, especially on the underside of the arms. I also bought a pair of Frye boots. It took four tries before I got a pair that was not damaged.
  7. I've shopped with Bluefly for years and never gotten anything that wasn't authentic. They DO sell floor samples, returns and occasional factory seconds from time to time and I've had to return things that had been bumped around before, but nobody is perfect, not even Neiman Marcus!

    They did get and accidently sold some fake bags a year ago and paid dearly for that mistake. They are now tagging bags so there won't be any buy/switch nonsense.

    Simply put, people should just shop elsewhere if they don't have confidence in them and I really wish people would quit beating up Bluefly on the Deals & Steals sub-forum. I'm looking for discount codes when I come here, not old worn out news and commentaries.....
  8. deep breath please!:yes:

    This belongs in the Chanel Shopping Forum so off it goes. . . .