Quilted Bowler

  1. After all my problems (fakes, defects, etc.) and after returning the Hobo Stam that came sans MJ nameplate today, I marched myself over to Saks and bought the black Quilted Hobo.

    AND I LOVE IT!!:heart: :heart: :heart: I think the gods must have been trying to keep me away from the hobo and steer me back to the bowler. It's so perfectly squishy. And so much less "look at me".

    Thanks again to everyone who helped! Hopefully this bag wont have anything missing/ get unusual wear and tear in the corners/ or spontaneously combust on me.hehe

    IMG_1483.JPG IMG_1484.JPG
  2. PS. Sorry about my messy room and the over abundance of photos! I'm just so excited to finally have it and be left with no more problems!
  3. ^ Congrats! So glad that you finally found what you wanted. Congrats!!!

    Even though there are manufacturing defects every now an then (possible with all brands), MJ bags are very high in quality overall. If there's ever any issue, you can take it back to Saks. Don't worry, enjoy your Bowler. =)

    Remember to watermark your pictures, others might steal yours & try to pass off their replicas as the real thing.
  4. ekkk. i dont think i even have a program to do that! should i take them down?

    thanks though for all youre help baglover.
  5. ^ Post pics in the Reference Library too. =) If the style number is C361xxx, then your Bowler is from Spring 2006. If it's C362xxx, then it's from Fall 2006.
  6. It's probably better to remove the closeup shots of the leather, hardware, metal plaque, and zipper head (those determine the bag's authenticity so sellers often use pics of a real bag to scam unknown buyers) until you can watermark them.

    The ones with you and your Bowler should be find. You look great with it. Congrats again. =)
  7. Its spring 2006 then.

    My posts do not have the edit button anymore- how can i do that? thanks again!
  8. Congrats!
    omg yes.please, we got the same bag again...:smile: I have the large Black bowler too in matte black from Nordstrom...
  9. Congrats.
  10. lovely!! congrats! :flowers:
  11. Congratulations! That's a beautiful bowler!!
  12. Thanks everyone!

    And HK318- great minds like(and shop) alike!! :yes:
  13. Congrats on the new bag! Enjoy!
  14. Sorry about all your problems with previous bags. Your bowler looks amazing on you!

    Congrats and enjoy!
  15. It is BEEEEYOOOTIFUL! :drool:
    I love the tattoo sleeve you have too!!! :yes: