Quilted Bowler

  1. First off, hi! I'm new here :O) Basically i've fallen in love with the bowler but am not sure what size and colour to get. I'm 5'4.5" but always wear at least 3 inch heels.. but i'm fairly thin. Do you guys think the large would be too overpowering?


    ^^ picture of me.. ignore the 'myspace-y' look of it, it was the best i could do for a full body.

    Also, what are all the colours that this bag comes in?

    Oh, and just for fun this is the MJ i use currently.. i love it lottttss!:heart:


    Thanks everyone!!;)
  2. hi, sammydoll. first of all, welcome to the purse forum! :biggrin: you'll meet alot of v. friendly and helpful ladies here. i know i did!

    here's a link that might help you. Kezza and abbyy posted pics of themselves w/their large bowler:


    as for the colours the bowler came in...these are the ones i could remember from the top of my head: lobster, moss, midnight blue, chalk, black and blush. the leather finish is patent leather. i think these might come in calfskin too, but i'm not too sure which colors though.

    hope this helps a bit! :shame:
  3. It also came in cola patent goatskin and bronze calfskin. Very nice MP, what color is it?
  4. The colour is "oatmeal" the picture does it absolutly NO justice. In real life it doesn't look that yellowish.. it's an off white with a verrryyy slight pink undertone. It also looks much better worn it, it's so incredibly soft now :yes: What's cool to, is that it's totally practical and a perfect size.. it's lined in calf.. **swoon* It's my favourite bag ever, hehe I actually got it from Nordstrom on the first day of the Anniversary Sale for $725 (list price is $995)

    Oh and i think colour wise i want either Mouse (that grey-ish tone), Midnight Blue, or Cola. Is the midnight blue impossible to find like the Stam bag in Petrol? I hope not!

    Thanks for everyone's help, you guys are awesome:smile:
  5. Hi Sammydoll, welcome to PF!! So happy to see another beautiful MJ. Your oatmeal looks yummy! I am 5'4'' also, and when I tried the large bowler on, I didn't think it was too big. Nice and roomy, and oh so stylish!
  6. The last place I saw the large Cola patent bowler for sale was on Net-A-Porter. It was actually discounted pretty deeply, price was around $650, so I wouldn't be surprised if it wound up on eBay. I tried to buy it, but they sold out before I got the nerve to buy. *sigh*
    Not sure if it comes in Mouse. Also not sure how hard it is to find Midnight Blue patent, I see a lot of faked ones on eBay. Keep your eyes peeled, though. One's bound to show up eventually.
    I actually tried to call department stores to find one before I settled on the Moss and had no luck, a lot of places never carried the blue.

  7. eLUXURY - Marc Jacobs Collection - Quilted Leather Large Bowler Marc Jacobs

    ^^ eLuxury has it in mouse :smile:

    I saw your Moss bag and thought it looked so cute on you! That colour suits you really well! This weekend i'll definitely be hitting up the local NM's.. this one near me especially always has TONS of MJ, it's total bag porn!
  8. Based on in-store catalogs & MJ's website, only Large Bowler's back for this season (Fall 06); colors chosen for quilted styles are Black, Whiskey, Cashew, Mouse, Emerald, and Graphite.

    Spring & Summer 06 colors for Bowler
    Patent/Goat Leather - Black, Blush, Chalk, Cola, Midnight, Lobster, Moss
    Calf Leather - Black, Camel, Bronze
  9. Sammydoll, welcome to tPF. =) Congrats on Oatmeal MP, you & Elongreach are Oatmeal MP twins. =)

    Based on your height, I think you would look great with Large; I don't see it overpowering you at all. I don't think Small Bowler is coming back this season, I can be wrong though (correct me if I am). There are 6 colors to choose from, it really depends on your preference.
  10. sammydoll, you're adorable! I'm sure you can pull the bowler off with no problems.
  11. I concur...you can definitely pull off the larger bowler.

    Welcome to the PF!
  12. Smmydoll, I have the large bowler in the regular leather in black. I am 5'5 and I think it is a perfect size. I love it and get many compliments on it. I have seen the mouse color and it is very pretty. I think you will be happy with the large size!
  13. You guys are so awesome and helpful! Thank you so much!! I'm going to NM tomorrow to check out the bag in person :smile:
  14. I got my bag today!! I ended up getting the large in patent black leather, it's so gorgeous! :yes: I'll have to post pictures or something soon, hehe
  15. Sammydoll, congrats! =)
    I personally prefer quilted patent leather for Bowler, I have Elise in black. =)