Quilted bowler or hobo?

  1. Argh, I am sucked in too and can't decide between the two. Any suggestions? I am leaning towards the hobo.
  2. If you prefer shoulder bags, go with the hobo. I got the hobo.. I love shoulder bags. Bowlers/satchels get in the way while I'm shopping. =)
  3. picts?
  4. Hobo if you're a shoulder bag person - seems very practical and pretty. But I have a feeling the bowler will be a classic.
  5. I agree with thithi. I almost got the bowler but I decided to get the quilted hobo. I think the bowler is really cute but the handles are too short to be put on my arms. Sometimes carrying a bag, especially if you load them full, can be quite tiring.
  6. I was too late. I was going to order the Bowler and the Hobo this morning and they're no longer on the website at Bloomingdale's. I ordered the MJ wallet last night but needed to move some money around this morning before ordering the others. :sad:
  7. What did you end up ordering?
    They are both nice, you won't go wrong with any of them.
  8. ^^I ended up ordering the hobo. The total came out to $379 shipped but right at the end they added tax so the total came out to be $404. Did that happen to others?

    For people who bought the hobo only, is that what your total approximately came out to be?
  9. I actually had both in my basket too and then decided on one early in the wee morning like 3:00am and bought it! I was so scared it would run out. I am sorry that you were too late. I hope it will either go back up or another deal shows up
  10. I love shoulder bags too...but there are so many hand held ones...thought I'd try the bowler, at least I didn't pay full price to try!
  11. Meant to be yours. =) Congrats. =)
    Yup, tax is added the end.
  12. Yup, it's good that you got them before they sold out. Return any that doesn't work out. =)
  13. ^ That's my motto!
  14. ok girls...I take back what I said about my SA..she went to the store manager because they were having trouble reaching the buying office and the dears did match the price. I bought the hobo. So this is nuts..the hobo, the tote and the venetia all quilted black...opinions please... and as far as the matching goes.....
    Happy hunting...maggie
  15. Do you have any pics? I would love to help in your decision...;)