Quilted Blake Questions

  1. I'm new to MJ and thinking about getting my first bag BUT....I'm trying to find out if anyone can post their pics of their quilted Blakes??

    I'm in the market for a black quilted Blake? Is it heavy and can it be easily carried over the shoulder? I'm expecting so I want something I can throw over my shoulder and forget about.

    Also, is this a Blake? I got the pic from the NM website. I heard the Blake weights approx 5 lbs?? Also, how is MJ's customer service (repair, etc)? TIA!

  2. One of our members recently got a quilted blake, and I think style is divine! It does seem to be a bit on the heavy side, because this bag has three compartments and quilted leather.

    If you buy the bag from a MJ boutique, they will repair it, however, if you buy it elsewhere you may need to pay for repair at MJ or bring it back to where you originally bought it. Most dept stores have a good repair policy for their bags.
  3. Thank you thithi for your info! Do you know if the quilted leather Blake is heavier/lighter than the regular Blake?
  4. 1. Cilifene's S/S 06 Soft Calf Classic Blake (lined with suede) weighs 2.86 lbs; Quilted Blake (lined in canvas) shouldn't be heavier.

    2. Blake can be carried on the shoulder, check out tPFer Aspw's modeling pictures:

    3. I prefer to buy my MJ bags from MJ boutiques because they have excellent customer service (from my previous/current experiences with them). My SA takes care of me even after my purchases, I don't have to worry about repairs; my friends and I are able to get our bags repaired in 1 week (round-trip shipping time included). Some SAs are more helpful than others, I recommend asking friends for referrals (which store/SA to buy from).
  5. Thanks so much baglover! Forgive my ignorance but is soft calf skin less durable then the "regular" leather or is it still durable and not prone to scratch?

    If there's not a MJ boutique near me, I can call a nearby boutique and just have them ship it to me, right?
  6. Several wonderful members weighed their bags for us, I converted the figures from kilograms to pounds.
    LV Batignolles: 0.88 lbs
    Mulberry Rosemerry: 1.76 lbs
    Hermes Birkin: 2.2 lbs
    Blake: 2.86 lbs
    Stam: alone (2.42 lbs) ...the chain (0.88 lbs) totalling (3.3 lbs)
    Balenciaga City: 1.54 lbs
    (new generation) Chloe Paddington: 3.3 lbs
    (older generation) Chloe Paddington: 4.4 lbs
    Kooba Sienna: 2.64 lbs
    Chloe Edith: 2.86 lbs

    Another thread on heavy bags:
  7. Calf leather is very durable, recent quilted ones don't feel as soft though.

    You can call any MJ boutique to place an order, they ship via FedEx; shipping fee is $20 for 2-day and $30 for Overnight. I work with Stella at MJ boutique in LA, their number is 323-653-5100.

    Are you going for regular or quilted Blake?
  8. Quilted Blake's not made for Spring/Summer 2007.

    Spring 07: n/a
    Resort 06: Black, White Chiffon, Almond, Saddle Brown
    Fall 06: Black, Whiskey, Cashew, Mouse, Emerald, Graphite

  9. You are certainly the MJ queen! Yes, I was looking into a black quilted Blake. I'll keep this # handy and tell Stella you referred me. Do they accept returns if damaged? Also, is there any difference betw the resort and fall IIRC? Also, would she be able to track a black quilted Blake down for me if they're not being offered for s/s '07?
  10. Stella would be able to check the company's inventory to see whether there are any black quilted blake left. She can be reached via e-mail as well, PM me for her addy.

    MJ boutiques give store credits (for returns/exchanges) within 7-days of purchase, I'm not sure about refunds in case of damage (ask Stella about it). If the item is damaged, stores will give you a new one or send it out for repair for you (free of charge).

    Resort 06's black Quilted bags are lined with dark brown canvas lining; Fall 06's black Quilted bags have cream canvas lining. Resort 06 ones have darker stitching as well.
  11. i just posted pics of my white chiffon quilted blake last week. here's the link to my 2 posts (and the pictures) in the "authenticate this" thread. :yes:



    i'm really pleased with the bag, even though i haven't used it yet. i'm a bit nervous since it's my first MJ bag, and i don't want to get it dirty. :shame: i picked the bag because it can be worn over the shoulder and has 3 compartments, which i love.

    when i asked at the MJ store last christmas why the quilted blakes weren't lined in suede (like non-quilted blakes), they said the quilting made it even heavier, so they decided to make the interior canvas to "lighten it up" a bit.

    happy shopping! :p
  12. bag.lover - I'm going to PM you for Stella's addy..thanks ever so much yet again!!

    thundercloud - That's a great looking Blake and a great find! Now that you have it, how much do you think you'll use it now? Would you consider it heavy? I don't carry many things in my bags as it is so I don't think I'd be adding that much weight to it.
  13. thanks! i know this might be heresy on here, but i'm a 1-bag (at a time) kind of gal. i tend to carry a lot of stuff with me, so i hate changing out bags. my trend has been to carry 1 bag almost all the time for at least a year or so, until i get tired of it or find something i like better (which is usually the case) or switch back to one of my old bags. heehee...:p

    i plan on making the switch over to the blake soon. i'm guess there's no time like the present? my fiance keeps asking me why i don't use it yet, since i bought it and i like it so much. :shame:

    i do consider it a heavy bag to begin with, but if you look at other leather bags, they're not light either. so it's relative and based on what you're used to carrying. my past bags in recent years have been coach, which isn't "light" leather...

    can you go check out the bag in person somewhere, so you can gauge it for yourself? i know they might not have the quilted one in stock, but they might have the non-quilted blakes (call ahead to check). that should give you a good idea of the heaviness, and how it sits on your shoulders, etc. i have a feeling you'll love it once you see it in person...:yes: (in terms of stores, Neiman Marcus, bloomingdale's, etc might have them, so you can see them in person.)
  14. Here's a picture of Quilted Blake worn on the shoulder from bluebeeonline:
    (Resort 06's White Chiffon)

    MJ bags are generally heavier than bags from other brands. Blakes are not his heaviest bags, quilted & non-quilted Blakes weigh less than 3 lbs each. All quilted styles are no longer lined with suede, I don't think weigh contributes to their decision to switch ALL the styles (including small leather goods) from this line to canvas.
  15. good to know. thanks, bag.lover!