quilted bbags

  1. does anyone have one? id love to see pics. ive only seen lindsay lohan with it in pics.
  2. I saw them at Saks and they are totally breathtaking.. def on my lemming list
  3. It's really beautiful, I'd love to have one.
  4. Please excuse me for saying that (I hope you won't flame me) but I personally don't like this new quilted line.

    In febuary 1955 Coco Chanel created her first ever, now worldwide famous, quilted bag, and she named it 2.55 after that date.
    Just like every very successful idea the quilted bag has even since been copied a countless number of times.

    I feel like if the bag shouted: Chanel had a great success with that, I wish I were a Chanel bag!
    And I am not confortable with that since I believe that Balenciaga is a great house with it's own identity, story, style, and they don't need to make any look alike piece.

    But that's just me, and I understand I might be considered narrow minded.

    If you google Balenciaga and go on their site they have at least one great picture of their quilted bag.:flowers:
  5. OT but I wish they made the quilted in a wallet!
  6. The new Elle magazine has a photo of a huge quilted bag from Balenciaga...I took a photo with my camera phone (not very good!). The retail on this bag was something like $2,300 (or more):
  7. I LOVE Lindsay Lohan's bag. How much is it, do you know?
  8. Here are pics of the quilted Aloha Rag sent. They said it's $1795 for the quilted but I don't know which size.
    quilt_balenciaga.jpg quilt_brw.jpg
  9. I touched the quilted at Barneys Beverly Hiils. Its very pretty, but feels kinda thin and crepey to me, not thick and cushy like at Chanel.

    I'm going to pull out a Chanel, just too make sure I remeber correctly.
    Gotta find it.:s