Quilted Bay :))) ...when???

  1. I'm really looking forward to see the quilted Bay - anyone know when it comes in the stores in uk?? :drool:
  2. March I believe
  3. yep, me waiting too!
    wont be long now :biggrin:
  4. Yes I am waiting also should be soon although they say March
  5. No waiting lists though which is good. Apparently the supply will outstrip the demand so everyone should be able to get one no probs at all which is great news
  6. I am so looking forward to getting the cream one like Kylie has! xx
  7. I cannot wait to get my hands on one! OMG! THis wait is torture!
  8. I'm waiting too; I'd like it in cream. I got The Book (Neiman Marcus catalog) Sat and they show it in tan. They're also saying March and the retail is $1708.00...that's not bag for such a terrific bag.;)
  9. Thanks a lot! :smile:
    And there is no date? just march? :cursing: :nuts:
    I'm a little torn between the black quilted and the black non quilted ....Hmm...hope to see both.
    Do you think the non quilted will be sold out before the quilted come??
  10. Mine will be the cream quilted. I think it looks divine!
  11. No, it wont sell out before the quilted comes, supply is plentiful right now :yes:
  12. That sounds good ...Thanks! :smile:
  13. spoke with the Chloe boutique in NYC today and they said in a month (March), available in white, black, navy, and the browns (tan and the mocha???), and ~$200 more than the non-quilted bay, offered both at the boutiques and the retailers.
  14. You can pre-order on LVR - 1195 (euro) or 1325 for the big quilted. regular offered on LVR in tan,white,and black. big offered in black and cannelle. and they have the quilted bowling (really like this shape but it doesn't look to be a shoulder bag) in whiskey for 1095.
  15. Thanks Kathleen! I know....but I would prefer to see it IRL before order it ....Hope to see them both at the same time. I really don't know wich one I like best. :shrugs: ...I fear the quilted will be too heavy though :sweatdrop:
    How long/wide is yours Bay Kathleen??