Quilted Bay Lining

  1. I just bought my first Chloe yesterday at the Chloe boutique...a Moka Quilted Bay in the medium size. As I am admiring/examining my bag, I notice that the stitching of the inside lining is not so straight (a little wavy). In the quilted pocket, the stiching went off the lining about two centimeters. In the main pocket, there is an overlap of my lining and the stitching isn't straight. Did a beginner make my bag? Am I being too picky or should I exchange it (if there are any left)? Could you examine your Chloe and tell me how the stitching is in your lining?
  2. OMG! Where did you find your medium quilted bay bag in moka? Please tell me!!!
  3. Tokyo. So far, many of the dept. stores carry them in all four colors, but they are selling fast.
  4. OH~~~ I know they don't ship to overseas! That's sad!!! :crybaby:
  5. It's really not that uncommon for there to be little imperfections with Chloe. This actually sounds pretty typical for QC at Chloe. If it bothers you though, definitely send it back!
  6. Thanks jag...I think I am being too anal (which I tend to be). I will get over it.
  7. It's totally understandable to feel that way! We all want perfection for that kind of money. But eventually, we just fall in love with the bag itself, and that scrumptious leather, that we think the minor flaws give the bag character! :p
  8. Human hands guide the sewing machine; there will be imperfections.

  9. If you only knew how much thought went into this bag this past week. First I was between an Edith or Tracy, Edith Classic or Edith Hobo, Edith Hobo or Bay unquilted, Bay quilted or not quilted, Quilted Bay Ecru or Moka. I'm happy with my final decision. This site would have been a great help during my decision process had I known how much blogging there is about handbags.
  10. Hi & welcome Congrats on bag. You are like me want everything perfect :smile:
  11. The cool thing about a torturous decision process, when we get there we end up :heart: 'ing the bag (fill in the blank) item etc. But hey??? Isn't that all a part of the fun process!!!!!!
  12. Can anyone please tell me how the stitching of the lining is? My husband just examined it and thought that the craftmanship was a bit shoddy.
  13. That does sound quite poor. IMO if you are physically in tokyo, check back with the store to see the other samples (if they have any). If not, then bask in the fact that a moka quilted bay is TDF and totally sold out everywhere I know! You are already the envy of many a TPFer (me included), shoddy stitching or not :smile:

  14. Obviously it's really bugging you, please send pictures so we can further evaluate!:yes:
  15. Hooray!!! I just returned from the Chloe Boutique in Tokyo and there was one Moka Quilted Bay in the back. This bag is stiff, brand new, and I can't wait to break it in myself. The previous one was already broken in and looked like it was a display model. Also the previous bag had lint and glitter on the inside (possibly from make-up and one that someone tried out and returned...shame). The saleslady brought the bag out fully stuffed and showed me all the details with her white flannel gloves on. The stitches in the lining are not perfect but MUCH better than the other one. Now I can love my bag without any doubts, especially since I paid more for it in Tokyo since prices on everything imported are high. I can't wait to take it out. I'll post some pics of my new bag in action this weekend.