Quilted Bay hunt

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  1. I am going to soon be on the hunt for a Quilted Bay, preferably in Camel. I was just wondering, will it be hard to locate one on sale? How many of you ladies nabbed one in a sale? How many paid full price? You don't have to tell me exactly what you paid, I am just curious to see if I will be able to get one at a less than retail price. TIA!
  2. I used to have :blush: seven quilted Bays, but four of them have since been re-homed.I got two of them (Jade Patent and Noir Patent) at sale price from LVR at around the £600 mark. My Moka was a sale purchase from a boutique in London called Koh Samui and I think that cost roughly £500. I paid full price for my Noir ,Pigalle and Argent versions which were all in excess of £800 :Push: and the Blanc version was purchased new from a fellow TPF'er via eBay and cost very nearly full retail. Goodness that really is a mind-blowing amount of money to have spent on bags when you put it all down in writing :wacko:.

    Lots of the other TPF'ers got their Bays at really good sale prices. I think the US stores seem to do much better deals than their counterparts in the UK. I'm sure you will be able to get one for less than retail, but do be careful about buying one on eBay:police: as it seems to be constantly awash with Bay fakes :yucky:.
  3. Tag, are you sure...????
    Seven Bays...?????????:nuts::wtf:
    I can´t believe it...I hope you´ll have a very big closet :roflmfao: .
    Sorry, I´m only joking :heart:.
  4. I purchased a black quilted bay on the LVR sales in January for around 650 euros...
    I agree with Tag, sales and mark-downs are much better in the States... Some of US girls excel in getting great bags at amazing prices!
  5. Yes, it's true :yes:. I was an obsessive Quilted Bay collector at one point...but a spate of financial embarassment:sad: plus a new interest in Heloises:smile: put an end to it. I now only have three QB's left... the Noir, Moka and Argent.
  6. OMG! In a few months you are going to own a similar collection of Helis...Six, seven...? ;):happydance: .
  7. ITA... Tag is a true collector...;)
  8. No chance :nogood:.I'm very happy with the two I've got :yes:. I'd never say never, but I think I've learned that even when I have a huge collection of bags I still end up using the same two or three in rotation and there's no point just having a wardrobe stuffed full of hugely expensive bags if they're not going to get used :Push: ( thank goodness Chloe bags more or less retain their price when you sell them on :tup:).
  9. ...well I WAS a true collector before a) I ran out of money and b) I realised that the collection had got slightly out of hand :nuts::upsidedown::lol:.
  10. Anyway, you have a pretty nice Chloe collection: 3 Bays, 2 Helis...
    Anything else... :shame::love::smile:?
  11. ^ Tag, you are still a rock star! :beach:
  12. A Grenat Elvire tote :love:.
  13. Funny you should use that term LYM. I have rockstars on the brain:supacool: at the moment. Went to see the Martin Scorsese Rolling Stones concert movie ('Shine a Light') last night. Mick Jagger is STILL the Numero Uno consumate rockstar :king: at 64 years old...amazing :love:...but I bet I'm more of a rock star :queen:than him in the handbag department though:nuts:.
  14. LOL Tag. Thanks for the info, wish I had half of your old Bay collection... or even 1/7th of it lol. It's so funny- I really wasn't crazy about the Bay. But I saw a Camel QB on a lady last week and nearly fell on the floor staring at it. So now, I had better start watching the sales!!!