Quilted banana hobo or Stam?

  1. I am about to make my first MJ purchase, which should I go for? The hobo is cheaper and why is this? How can you tell a fake from a real one? Also, I didn't really want to spend as much as the Stam is but will if everyone thinks that it is much nicer than the hobo, what shape is the hobo on too? :yes:
  2. You should go with whatever bag will be more comfortable for you to carry. The hobo depends on which style/season, some have chains and some don't. Personally, I had/have both, and for daily use, I'd rather use the quilted banana hobo. Mine was from the fall 06, so it didn't have chain straps. Stam is great too, but more of satchel bag for me, although smaller girls can wear it on their shoulder. Since I don't like using satchels daily, it's not a good daily bag for me. I use mine more for special occasions or going out to dinner.

    Hobo is probably cheaper because it's not as difficult to manufacture like a stam, which is a frame bag with a chain attachment.
  3. Thank you, the banana was the one with the leather strap, thanks for your help