Quilted Balenciaga???

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  1. I went to the ateliernaff.blogspot.com site to see the fall colors and LOOK what I found! Does anyone know what this is called? Do you love it or hate it?
    Quilted Balenciaga.jpg
  2. It's cute but it needs to grow on me a little.
  3. The NY store told me the price starts out at $1900 for a similiar size like the City, yikes.
  4. Oh my.. I really dont like that.. And especially not for that price.
  5. I'm not a fan... I think the quilting is too puffy.
  6. I'm not liking that at all...but I'll grow...I supposed...
  7. hehehe! i'll pass on that!
  8. Too much $$. Makes me think of furniture... like a Mies van der Rohe couch or something. :P
  9. leather bubble wrap! maybe it looks better IRL.
  10. I agree!!!
  11. i don't like it as much as the motorcycle.....and for that price it's a no :weird:
  12. LOl..that is what I thought, I just want to pop it.:smile:
  13. Errrrr, nah! Not for me - if I want quilting I'll go to MJ or Chanel.
  14. I don't think the girl holding it likes it either. She holding it like it's got cooties.

    As for me, looks very small, think I'll pass.

  15. YES - LOL, that is what it looks like.

    Perhaps we can use these as Stadium seat cushions at sporting events, that might help justify the larger price. ;)
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