Quilted B bag

  1. I just luv the quilted black B Bag, not sure of the style name.... It's like a combo of Balenciaga and Chanel, Wow! My two favorites!! Does anyone know what that bag goes for? If anyone has seen one anywhere recently, I would appreciate the info! Thank you soooo much!
  2. It is the Matelasse. Retail is $1795 for the medium. Can be found in stores in basic colors - black, white, brown, etc. Some stores have french blue and aquamarine (I saw one at my local NM and it was gorgeous). A beautiful bag, for sure!
  3. There's also a large one that retails $1995.
  4. They are also making it in Blue Glacier!:yes:
  5. I'd try it on first if you can. I've read before that it's pretty uncomfortable to carry for some people :yes:

    I really like it in sandstone, periwinkle & aquamarine!
  6. As you can see by my Avatar, I have the SMALL version (there are only 2 sizes - SMALL and GRANDE/LARGE).

    First of all, let me say that the "SMALL" isn't really that small!!! The GRANDE/LARGE is huge (although I like really big bags). If you are petite in stature, the GRANDE/LARGE may be way too big for you.

    I believe the prices have gone up on these bags ($1895 for the SMALL; over $2000 for the GRANDE/LARGE); they are made in only certain colors (not the entire range of colors - for instance, I really wanted the Rouge Vif Matelasse ... nope, not made).

    BTW ... "Matelasse" stands for quilted (Miu Miu also references their quilted bags as Matelasse).
  7. OH MY GOD ... that would almost make me buy another Blue bag!!! That's beautiful (it looks like the GRANDE/LARGE size).
  8. Yes it is the Grande Large! They are getting the Blue Glacier Grande at Matches in London! Not sure if it's in stock yet...

    It looks gorgeous:heart:
  9. LOVE this one:love::love::love: