Quilt deflating?

  1. Hi! so i was wondering if anyone has had the problem of their quilts deflating/flattening? If so, how did it happen?
  2. Its never happened to mine, but I've definitely seen it on other bags. I think you have to use it a whole lot for that to happen. I see it only on older bags.
  3. Not yet, and I hope that doesn't happen.
  4. Did it deflate on a caviar finish bag or the lambskin???
  5. I would like to know the reason for this as well. I have a white reporter I only pulled out once so far because I'm afraid of getting it dirty. Any helpful hints????
  6. i hope it doesn't happen. i think it has a better chance of the lambskin deflating due to the softer leather.
  7. It can happen and I think it is more prone to happen to lambskin bags. Many of the vintage ones I've seen have deflated a bit.
  8. I borrowed this from an auction. This is as deflated as it gets.
  9. Sure looks it's been dehydrated in the desert!! So sad to see. Could it be it's just not been regularly conditioned? Seems this is a question for a Chanel SA.
  10. You could see the finger depression marks so I'd think its form being USED USED USED.
  11. Why would a bag flatten like that? I've never seen a deflated quilted bag. I borrowed a picture of mine from the Vintage thread, to show you one of my oldest bags from the '80s:

  12. wow! your Jayne1, your vintage bag looks great!

    yeah, I dont know why it would flatten either (at least to the level of the picture Luccibag provided--but then again, that bag is in BAD shape!). it scares me to think that can happen!
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  14. i have a met reissue that already deflated since i bought it hiks...i am love it less because of this...i try not to put the attention but i cant...
  15. how do you guys find the deflated look? do you find it less appealing or it doesn't bother you?