Quickly! Did the Anthracite come in buttery soft leather?

  1. I may be able to get a Brief in Anthracite. Is it a nice color in person? Is it very blue? I don't want it too blue. And because it was a S/S color, is the leather as nice as the new F/W bags because the S/S Black leather is horrid.
  2. my work and mini coin are both super soft, but they are also really blue. so if you're trying to stay away from blue, i wouldn't get anthracite, sorry
  3. Anthracite is stunning. Green/Grey/Teal/Blue all at once. Mine is suuuuuuper soft and not too blue, but really it depends on the light. I saw three anthracite bags in one place once, and they were all slightly different colors - the leather on all three was beautiful, though...
  4. Mine's more green than blue, I think, but it's really difficult to pinpoint exactly. It's wearing in really well, the leather is very soft but not as thick as F/W leather.
  5. I experienced the good and bad leather of s/s o7, so I'd say it really depends on the particular bag.

    Kim at BalNY told me when I was ordering my f/w Ocean City that some had "cracked" leather [not so good], so I guess this season is varied too. Although it seems to be mostly good.
  6. My (brand new!) Anthracite Twiggy is incredibly soft and thick. The colour varies a LOT from bag to bag - mine is grey or dark teal depending on the lighting. If you don't want any blue tones, though, you might be better off with Steel. Some are more green than blue, and some don't have a lot of undertone beyond the slate grey.
  7. My Anthracite twiggy is extremely soft too. The leather thickness is medium. Thicker than my 05 caramel. It's gorgeous leather.
  8. I have never need any bad Anthracite leathers. They were all truly buttery and soft. The best of my collection by far! I was actually tossing up between the Anthra & Bleu Glacier, but I had heard so many mixed reports about some BG's being a little dry. I chose Anthra and have never looked back!