quickie Saks Somerset stock update

  1. tons of classics, as usual; seems like a lot of yummy lambskin too!

    One black Madison flap
    One silver Luxe ligne flap
    Navy hobo - ooh, what's the ligne? the strap has a wavy chain affixed onto the leather
    Black hobo same ligne as the navy
    and some beeeyooooootiiiifffulll exotics :graucho:

    apparently my SA Diane is out for a week, though...
  2. Thanks for the info. Could the navy and black hobos be from the Outdoor ligne?
  3. thx!!
    can't wait to do some shopping there!
  4. jeannebar (and I forget but I have taken to pronouncing your name the French way, not sure if that's you or not LOL) - thanks for jogging my memory! Yes, it was Outdoor ligne. And the navy was adorable!