Quickie Reveal

  1. Super quick reveal here, but they are pretty enough for one.
    (And bag to match. The leather is so perfectly matched that I couldn't resist. Of course, it is pretty much impossible for me to resist a new Stam anyway.)
  2. Match made in heaven, congrats! I LOVE the Stam and with the Rockstud Pumps it's a killer combo.
  3. Thanks!
    I honestly thought so too, enough so that I splurged on the bag. And we know that is the last thing I need, another Stam. :shocked::-s:cray:
  4. Jealous!!!
  5. love the color!
  6. Amazing pairing-love!
  7. lovely! congrats!
  8. Gorgeous
  9. Thank you, everyone!
  10. Lovely pair!
  11. Beautiful!! I love anything studded.