Quickie reveal!!!

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  1. I got a Raisin SGH city!:yahoo: The first pic is with a Burberry scarf I got for my Bday which matches it perfectly! And here is a Raisin & Murier comparison shot for those who are curious. IMO Murier looks darker IRL than it's showing up in the pictures, it's a hard color to capture.




  2. Gorgeous! May I ask where you bought your raisin?
  3. great raisin! thanks for the comparison shots! :biggrin:

    and congratulations!! :yahoo:
  4. bagcat I got her from HGBags Erica listed it in one of her emails so I was able to preorder it. I don't know if she has any more left but you can always email her she always replies pretty fast to emails.

    foxymom Thanks!
  5. Beautiful pixiejenna! Love it with the Burberry scarf too! Yum!
  6. love the raisin, i think it's my fave bal color. it's the only bag i've paid retail for (well 10% less) and i don't regret it!
  7. Lovely! I love purple bags. :love: Congrats on your Raisin. It's a beauty! And thanks for the comparison shots.
  8. Thanks for the comparison shots, and congrats on your Raisin!!! They are both gorgeous!!!!! :love::love:
  9. love raisin....!!!! yummy bag!!!! congrats :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
    was able to get this color in EC but with GGH so also happy.
  10. Thanks for all the complements girls!

    PBDB I love raisin with GGH that combo is TDF! You are very lucky to have it.
  11. Congrats, both are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, the comparison shots are great!

  12. thanks pixiejenna!!!
    I got it in an envelope clutch and yes, indeed lucky to still find that combo!!!
  13. Love the comparison shots, congrats on your bags, anything purple is a winner in my book!
  14. Super pretty and great comparison pictures! Congrats!
  15. sooo lovely!! congrats!!! :biggrin: