quickie reveal pic's :O)

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  1. well a few things came today the black patent poppy glam tote it is beautiful in person I LOVE it.. I had patent sabrinas for the rain but this is even better :O).. $147 on ebay...jewel wallet $89 ebay.. poppy wristlet..large ocelot wristlet also perfect for a night out bag love it.. I was suprised the jewel mini skinny is really big at first I thought it was the wristlet.. I like the pockets in it and for $24 from ebay not bad :O):yahoo:
    wed1.jpg wed2.jpg wed3.jpg wed4.jpg wed5.jpg
  2. Sweet!!!!
  3. Nice finds!! Love the ocelot wrislet :love: and everything else too!
  4. Nice New additions to your Collection!!!
    We are Mini skinny twins!!! I love the Ocelot!!! I also like the Raspberry Metallic Ziparound wallet!!! Congrats!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  5. Good work!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Love them all.
  7. Love everything, congrats!
  8. Very nice set.
  9. I'm jealous! I have the Audrey Ocelot and I want the accessories so bad but they dont have them in the outlets near me :crybaby: and I dont feel comfortable buying from ebay...
  10. congrats!!!
  11. good stuff!! twins!!
  12. Awwww...pretty looks nice together! :smile: I keep eyeing those patent totes too but just got a patent spotlight so can't really justify it...sigh!! :smile:

  13. he he your pic is what got me and I couldn't believe I bought it yesterday and it came today now thats fast shipping.. she was in my state lol
  14. isn't it a suprisingly GREAT perfect black patent everyday tote?!?!
  15. Congrats!