Quickie Poll: speedy 25 or saleya PM in AZUR


Which Azur?

  1. Speedy 25

  2. Saleya PM

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Need opinions as I am a little torn on which Azur piece to get...


    I own a Monogram Speedy 25. I like it a lot.

    I own a Saleya PM in ebene. I love it!

    Azur Speedies are now easy to find in stores and eLux.

    Azur Saleya PM seems to have disappeared, and is $300 more.

    what to do??? What would you do?
  2. Saleya PM has my vote. I have mine in Damier and it is so practical. It fits a lot too. Azur is beautiful!!
  3. Holy Crap! The Azur Saleya PM JUST showed up on eLux!

    And free shipping this week! Now what???

    How long can I keep this in my cart I wonder.....
  4. i'm going to be the awful one and say get both! lol but if its a matter of which one first, then i'd say get the saleya.
  5. Azur Saleya PM vote here!
  6. Saleya PM!!! I love it!
  7. Speedy 25 for me. But if to choose between speedy25 and 30...go for speedy30! :smile:
  8. I voted for the Saleya!
  9. 1 vote for the SALEYA!!
  10. Saleya!
  11. Monogram Speedy 25
  12. saleya pm for me!
  13. Speedy 25 =)
  14. Since you already have the Saleya in reg. Damier I say get the speedy in the azur. This is the combo I have and love it. Go with your gut. Get what you love if you prefer the Saleya it's worth the extra money. Good luck.
  15. depends if you're a handbag or a shoulder bag kind of girl :smile: