quickie!! =p

  1. All of them are cute but I like #1 the best.
  2. I like all of them, especially #1 and #4, but I think that #1 may be best, depending on your style, I think it has more oomph and character.
  3. I like #1
  4. Bag 1
  5. #1 for me.
  6. haha and here I was going to say 3!...I think the color is cute and girly and can definately be for spring..but cute for winter..especially with winter whites..and I as a fellow college girl..thinks that shape is so so cute and preppy BTW...that subject heading made me start to wonder.. :biggrin: gotta love a dirty mind lol
  7. #2. Love the blue horsebit!
  8. #1
  9. I like #1 too, I really like the whipstitching on it. My second choice is #4.

    The first time I looked at them I didn't even look at the price but I had a feeling I picked the most expensive...and of course I did... I'm really good at that!
  10. If you go with #1 be sure to search for ebags coupon codes. I was able to find a coupon (no code, but a link to ebags) for $15 off of any bag $75 or more. This brings the bag to $79.99

    (website for link was couponshare.com I believe)

  11. i like #4
  12. I like the first one;)
  13. I vote for #1! I like the details on that the best.
  14. HEEHEE... i did that to sort of grab more attention :P didn't want ppl to think it was just a boring(since these bags r pretty cheap!) :biggrin: *marketing skills*
    oorighttt... gonna try out the coupons! since they're so cheap maybe i should just get 2... #1 and either one of 2 /3... :amuse: