1. I'm considering bidding on a few things ending within the next hour or so and would love some opinions on authenticity. Thanks!

    This is the first one.
    eBay: WOMEN’S COACH SOHO PURSE POCKETBOOK (item 120045083994 end time Oct-29-06 19:28:58 PST)

    2nd one:
    eBay: DAZZLING NEW WHITE SOHO SLIM COACH ENVELOPE WALLET (item 140047067610 end time Oct-29-06 20:33:36 PST)

    I'm scared to bid on it because someone said that 90% of wallets on EBay are fake or something like that.
  2. The bag definitely looks good to me and the wallet does too. The pictures of the wallet are bothering me a little bit though..like did the person actually take those or get them from somewhere kind of thing.
  3. Yeah, the no background on the pics is kinda weird. That made me wonder, too.
    Thanks for the response! :smile:
  4. i would stay away from the wallet...tons of negatives on that guy. 97% isn't acceptable. and i doubt they're his pics.
  5. I agree too. Yes to the bag, no to the wallet.
  6. My soho just has a plain interior. :/
  7. You have the same purse with a different interior? Maybe I won't bid on it, then.

    Thanks for all the replies!