Quick! Whiskey or Black Ali?

  1. Okay, I posted yesterday about getting a Legacy Ali Slim Flap (the smaller Ali) in Black from eBay. I'm returning it to the seller because the back of it is wrinkly (see post). Now I have a choice of Whiskey or she can send me a better Black one. Keep in mind that this will be the only leather bag that I have. I'm not very formal and wear jeans and tees all the time. Which color should I get? Thanks in advance!
  2. Honestly I love them both. I tend to wear more brown but have been venturing into black.. I think it's more what you wear.. if you wear jeans all the time what color shoes do you usually wear? I might think whiskey. It is just personal preference, both black and brown match everything.. so maybe look at your shirts and shoes and go from there. Good Luck! :tup:
  3. I'd vote for whishey...I see whiskey as a more casual color so it sounds like it'd fit your style best.

    That's awesome the seller took the bag back with no trouble!
  4. I wear alot of different color tees: Green, pink, white, lavender...I don't wear much red or black. I'm having the hardest time deciding!
  5. She's extremely nice! She's sending it out today too...as soon as I decide :smile:
  6. They are both gorgeous. I have whiskey and I'm always in jeans, tees, sweatshirts, etc. For me personally whiskey matches more. It's just personal preference.
  7. Whiskey!!
  8. My shoes? Nikes....yipes! I'm a tomboy and I need a makeover!
  9. I vote Whiskey, it's such a Classic COACH color. However, if you're concerned about the wear showing over time, maybe the Black would be better for you.

    But just like the previous poster, look at your wardrobe to determine which color would be the best 'basic color' for you.

    Also, ask the seller to email you pics of both bags that you're choosing between. Seeing the actual bag and it's leather might help you make your decision.

    I'm glad you contacted the seller, because the back of the bag you originally received was not pretty.

    Good Luck, let's see pics when you get her!:tup:
  10. well, thats a hard choice. It seems like the colors you wear will go with either black or whiskey. Personally, I like the black better. You just can't go wrong with black. It can be worn casually or dressed up. The whiskey doesn't look as polished and dressy like the black. IMO ;)
  11. The only reason I say black, ok the 2 reasons why i say black is 1) I have one and think it is gorgeos (regular ali) and 2) I bought the whiskey as a gift for someone from my dad (his gf) I was lucky and got a good one but it was hand picked and I got lucky. These bags have a lot of scratches usually and variations in leather but IDK while she was temporarily in my posession I was really debating between the two for which I liked best and I think now I need something in whiskey. Sorry not so helpful
  12. I agree with Coachgrl, ask for pics for both and maybe that will be the deciding factor for you. But I vote whiskey !
  13. Ok, this will probably be of no help...I really like the colour whiskey on the Ali particularly but black legacy leather is the softest, nicest legacy leather. Also the whiskey tends to scratch up more so you have to be a little more careful with it if scratches would bother you alot. I think if this was my only leather bag I would probably get the black first. Most people here I think prefer the whiskey though.
  14. Based on your answers I vote Whiskey :tup: I would have her email you pics of them though because each whiskey does vary tremendously. :yes:
  15. Whiskey! You can still wear it with black and dress it up.. otherwise it's pretty casual :tup: