Quick!...which Cles do I need??

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am selling my pomme vernis cles because I thought it couldn't hold enough, and I thought I didn't "need" a cles... but it turns out I do!! :s

    I want either a Damier or Azur cles to replace it. Based on my small collection (an Azur Speedy is coming home next week, too!), which of those would you buy??

    Does the Azur cles get super dirty? I'm leaning towards the Damier because of that... :shrugs:

  2. I would get the new (LE?) pomme cles to replace your current cles. It holds a ton and would look great w/all your bags. If that isn't an option I would go w/the damier ebene cles.
  3. My thoughts exactly! :yes:
  4. I had my azur cles for about half year, I use it everyday. It still looks like new. Base on your collection, go for damier~~~
  5. ^^^ I concur!
  6. Wow thanks!

    Thank you for the advice everyone! I'm leaning to Damier since I think I do want a canvas cles this time-- I was always afraid to take the vernis out in case it got banged around. :rolleyes:
  7. I would keep /rebuy the pomme. I have this cles and LOVE IT. I have used it everyday since I got it last feb and its looks great!
    After a while/ with use it will soften .... Not sure what you plan in using for. But I use mine for my keys, keep a few dollars in there and my bankcard and lic. it works great.
  8. I love the azur.. go with that!
  9. I would get the azur with spring coming up!
  10. Azur. I own it & love it. It does not get dirty easily either. I highly recommend it!
  11. I vote for damier!
  12. LOL. I love your optimism! We have at least 2 more solid months of winter here in NYC!
  13. LE Pomme vernis! It goes with all your purses! If you don't like the pomme, I'd go for the damier ebene.
  14. Oh, for god's sake, get both damier and azur. LOL

    Throw in the new Pomme for good measure!

    How could you think you didn't need a cles ..... EVERYONE needs a cles!
  15. The new pomme one or azur!