Quick! Whats the other name for cornflower?

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  1. is it bluet?
  2. Yes ma'am... it's "bluet" and also even called "navy" (not to be confused with the navy the year prior) :yes:
  3. So the tag reads BLUET and says navy as well?
  4. I think Cornflower is also known as Periwinkle.
    And Bluet is Blueberry.
    I think that is correct but maybe someone else can say for 100% sure.
  5. Cornflower is Bleuet (in French it's the name of a blue flower)
    Blueberry is Bleu Roi
    Periwinkle is Bleu Glacier
  6. Thanks for sorting out the blues for us, FP!
  7. Thanks. I thought it was bluet. Its time like this I wish the atelier site was still there:crybaby:
  8. You are welcome Girls !!!
    Original Bal Colors names are always in French,
    so I guess it's easier for me to remember all the blues, reds etc ;)...

    PS : for Cornflower, it's BLEUET not bluet ;)
    and here is a pic...

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  9. So the "Navy" that LVR had this season is cornflower?
    I really need a Bal. Blue "cheat sheet" :confused1:
  10. I agree, we need a blue cheat sheet with the french names next to them (like atelier did before it went away :cursing: ).