quick~! what's PVC? TIA

  1. i saw this article with kate moss wearing PVC clothes..so i'm assuming they are like patent leather but not quite? it's a cheaper version?

    but what i need to know is PVC, what it stands for.

    tia again! i need it before tmr so........ hopefully someone on knows.
  2. PVC is a type of plastic-no?

    Here ya go, from dictionary.com:

    polyvinyl chloride 
    a white, water-insoluble, thermoplastic resin, derived by the polymerization of vinyl chloride: used chiefly for thin coatings, insulation, and pipings.
    Also called PVC.

    PVC (pv-s) Pronunciation Key Audio pronunciation of "PVC" [P]

    A common thermoplastic resin, used in a wide variety of manufactured products, including rainwear, garden hoses, phonograph records, and floor tiles.
  3. pvc = polyvinyl chloride (courtesy google :smile:)
    it's a specific type of plastic compound.
  4. thank you so much! =)

    lol i had a feeling it included vinyl. my teacher wanted me to be very specific with what kind of "fabric" we thought were going to be in next fall. and i picked PVC but i wasn't sure if i could put a picture of the chanel vinyl bag..but it's the same thing right?

  5. plastic
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