QuiCK!! what bag is this???!!

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  1. Hello,

    Haven't been here for a while!

    Nice to see you all!!

    I came across this pic...

    What's the name of this bag?? I know its from the Dentelle line...
    and what is the price tag on it??

  2. There's no pic MissV
  3. it's from Dentell line, welcome back! check this thread out:yes:
  4. Besace
  5. would the besace be like a messenger or an akwardly long sholder bag?
  6. It is really cute.
  7. I like that bag, can't wait to see it IRL
  8. oohh... Hope you get one!
  9. it's a pretty big bag btw
  10. Is that a show bag only? Will it ever come out???
  11. I didn't see it at the trunk show so I don't know but it doesn't look any harder to carry than the Perfo/Charms Musette's. Those are really easy and light on the shoulder. I think the chains will be pretty heavy though.
  12. What trunk show? We dont have one here. What is it about?
  13. It's called Fersen on the vuitton.com site.
  14. hmm the description says to be carried on the shoulder......I hope its not an akwwardly long should bag