Quick weekend reveal

  1. Are the pictures showing?
  2. lol ok I need to edit this such a newbie
  3. Hey, these are really lovely colours!
    Congrats to your purchase!!!
  4. love the rivales and the cdc is electrifying...congrats!! :smile:
  5. Thank you!!! At first I was weary but the pop of color made me fall in love.
  6. And I decided to do the little trick you guys taught me and got the lil sticky glue from a free hairspray sample that came with one of my shampoos
  7. Love your rivales and CDC! (I have a Blue Electric rivale, so I totally understand your addiction to these. I would love to add several more...first, black, second, red, third..:P)

  8. NICE!!! I was on the hunt for the Blue Electric Rivale, lucky!!! seriously. Hermes makes the best arm candy!!!
  9. congratulations! i like the bold colour contrasts of your stack.

  10. Nice! nothing like a man in construction who loves Hermes!
  11. Love your blue cdc. What size is it? :smile:
  12. Thank you it's a large. Fits perfect on the slot closes to the center.
  13. Lucky! Not so easy to find L size. I was looking for L blue ones all the time and yet to find one.