Quick ways to jazz up a wardrobe?

  1. Hi ladies and gents, PFers are a fashionable set and I was hoping that you could give me some advice...

    I'm a grad student/TA who desperately needs some life injected into her wardrobe. My daily uniform is almost ALWAYS: jeans, flat boots (or flats), solid color knit shirt or v neck cashmere sweater if it's cold. I throw in a tweed blazer at times, but I must own 3 tweed blazers that look exactly the same. My wardrobe's a snooze, which works well for me when I'm teaching (I switch the jeans for dress pants and look bland and professional, which is what I'm going for). But I don't have to teach for the next 9 months (whoo-hoo!!) and I would like to be stylish again for awhile! Any suggestions on some easy pieces to throw into my wardrobe to jazz up my look? Again, I'm a grad student, so I either need to spend my money on one or two pieces of nicer clothing or several cheaper pieces...I don't have a huge budget for this overhaul. If you had around $300 dollars to spend, what would you buy?

    A little about me, just for the record: I'm 5'9", a size 10, and curvy. I do have a bust, so nothing too low cut, I look trashy in really sparse tops!

    I really appreciate this! I promise to model any pieces I end up buying on this thread!
  2. Haha, responding to my own thread, I've been looking around, just curious, how do you feel about these items:


    Just the top here...


    They have this one in blue too...


    I would definitely have to wear some spanx with the blue one though, looks a little flimsy...


    I really like these shoes, much dressier than my ordinary ones though, also come in a tan color...


    This just looks so fresh and pretty, but I don't know what I would wear it with other than jeans or white pants, which I avoid like the plague...

    I almost ordered this one too, but I just couldn't think of a top fun and quirky enough to pair with it (the anthropologie suggested top is cute, but costs more than the skirt!)

    You see my problem :shame: ? I'm so bad at putting together a wardrobe! Good at spending, bad at matching anything but jeans.
  3. I think this skirt would look adorable with a simple tank or sleeveless top in any of its colors. The pattern is so busy, I think in this case less is more.

    Maybe something like this?

  4. I have a few things from bodenusa.com. I really like some of their sweaters and I have one of their skirts that has a style that looks very similar to the skirt you posted. I also have their wrap dress which works great with boots or heels. I'm a stay at home mom and jeans during the day in the winter is my "uniform" in the spring/summer I almost always wear skirts.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! I like your suggestion, robyn, and I'll check out boden. I know I've gotten a catalogue from them before.
  6. If you're limited in budget I'd go for an ace pair of jeans and a few stand-out sweaters. I'd stick to fast fashion for tops.
  7. Thanks, nerdphanie! I actually have all designer jeans at the moment (blush), I'm a bit of an addict. So I'm pretty much set in the jeans department, I have a pair of really nice 7 trouser jeans in a dark wash for dressier (relative) occasions. I'd like to try to move away from jeans a bit, try out some more skirts and dresses. My legs are so pasty white that I usually stay away from them...sigh...it may be time to invest in some self-tanner. Thanks for the suggestion, though, I'll try to seek out some cheaper, fashionable tops.
  8. I like to jazz what I have by adding colorful scarfs, Pucci has some great scarfs at Neiman Marcus right now. I was looking for one for the spring/summer. I also like to add a lot of different colorful cable knit sweaters. I love the skirt and the green top from Anthropologie. They have a great sale on their blouses.
  9. hmm, adding a belt to a top would look fresh...love wide, patent-leather buckle belts to add to tops and sweaters...
  10. Accessories!

    Vintage looking charms, delicate necklaces, chunky beads, faux pearls - the works. They can give the same top a different feel if done right. It's fun, and quite inexpensive. :yes:
  11. Thanks for the accessories advice, I've got some jewelry I'll try to break out again. Belts and scarves I'm so gunshy about, I'm not very good at integrating them into an outfit, but I'll try again. Meanwhile, I did order that Theory top at the top of the page (the floral one), it was really on sale and in colors I thought that would work with what I have. So I still have a bit left, what would you ladies say if I blew the rest of the wad on these!!



    What do you think?? I don't own anything like them, that's for sure! It would be a shame to keep them under jeans tho - you think that they would work with dresses/skirts? Am I crazy for loving these so much - I've loved them ever since they were released this fall...:love: Anyone seen them IRL (Burberry).
  12. If you're pretty well set with great denim, I would focus on tops and shoes/boots. Or maybe a great jacket or a blazer that is one you wouldn't wear when you teach.

    A few other random ideas:

    down vest, $62:

    Sweater, $98:

    Merino wool tee, $58 (I LOVE these b/c they're so versatile on their own or layering under a blazer or a denim jacket, for example...)

    Cardigan, $198:

    Sweater, $78:

    Sweater, $78: (I would probably put a tank or tee underneath if too low):
  13. I'd go for a really good pair of jeans too, and some bright accessories to liven up your outfit!
  14. Agree with the stated before.....buy new trendy tops to wear with your jeans (H&M, Mango, ZARA, TopShop...) and spice it up with accessories !!
    Love the wide belts (tan leather or patent), a bit of leopard print on scarf or headband, or big neclace !
  15. I just got finish looking at those boots. I love them. I think they could look nice under a skirt. I would prefer them with jeans though. I personally like a lot of color in my wardrobe. I have so much color, that I realize I don't have anything basic. I need to buy nice slacks, skirts, and blouses. I have made a list of things I need to buy so I'm planning to stick with my list for awhile. I hope I can do it!