Quick! Violet available on line at LVR

  1. Jaune and Ivory too. Oh my!

    Good luck with your Cities. Hope they come in soon:smile:
  2. How much does that price work out to in US dollars?
  3. you can calculate that on www.xe.com at the bottom of the page :smile:
  4. Thanks - I find LVR ship very very fast but with very little information. I have only got a tracking number out of them by asking. I tried to get some idea of delivery dates on Monday and all they would say was before end September.
  5. This is where I got my GORGEOUS Giant Violet Work (less than 1 week from Italy to the Western US!!​

    UPDATES... I just checked!! THey have in stock....

    Giant City - Ivory

    Giant Work - Purple , Juane

    Gant Part-time - Purple

    Large Matelasse - Purple
  6. Jbug - How much did customs cost you?
  7. Actually.. I don't believe I paid anything for customs..

    OK..... so.. here's the "nitty gritty"....

    The price of the giant work was 1079.17 EUR I paid $1,480.89
    which was the exchange rate.... (I had to go to exchangerate.com to make sure of the price- since LVR only lists prices n EUR!)
    I believe that would be about the retail amount here correct??
  8. Was it hard to order from them? Man... I was NOT interested in violet... until I saw your pics. ARGH!!!
  9. Not in the least!!!.. just click on what you want.. and click purchase.... you pay via cc - it's secure....you may have to fax or scan an information page with signature to FedEx Trade Networks for it to clear customs... and

    VOILA!! less than a week it arrived at my doorstep!
  10. I've purchased Balenciaga from LVR before. FedEx will send you a bill within a couple of weeks for customs fees. It will probably be around $200.
  11. hmmmm I guess that will remain a mystery to me until something shows up!! I wasn't informed of any fees... I would think there would be some statement that would let me know what those would be? How would I find out??
  12. LVR doesn't have anything to do with duty fees. That is something that our government does. Fedex enforces the fees, collects the $$ for our government. I have gone to the government website and tried to understand the %% for customs duty, but it might as well be in Latin, as far as I'm concerned. It is very complicated, and there are different %% for different types of material, i.e., leather, cotton, fur, etc. If you are under $1,000.00, sometimes you can skate through w/o getting a bill for duty. :smile:
  13. Thanks for helping to clear that up lovelygarments!! So far.. I've not received any bill for anything. I did have to just fill out a form and signature and fax to FEDEX Trade Networks for the bag to clear customs.. again... no mention of fees from them.

    ALSO>>>> I've gotten LOTS of questions today regarding the prices on the LVR site..

    When I ordered on August 1.. the LVR price for the Violet giant work was 1079.17 EURO and that is what I paid....apparently I got a good deal - because in checking the website today -
    the prices are higher.... I don't know why... don't know if those prices fluctuate somehow.. or if there was a planned price increase or what! If someone has an answer .. please chime in...