Quick twiggy question...!!

  1. Would you say that when it comes to the size and what u can put in it a twiggy is comparable to the LV speedy 30 and the Box would be a speedy 25...?
  2. No. The twiggy is smaller than a 30. I would say it is more comparable to a 25 because it doesn't look good stuffed. I prefer to keep them half empty.
  3. If i remember, LV speedy 30" is bigger size than 25"...in terms of twiggy size, i guess it can be comparable with LV speedy 25 but a bit longer in length.....personally, i feel that twiggy size/LV speedy 25 can actually stuff quite a lot of things.....wallet, keypouch, keys, cellphone, ipod, magazines (not the thicker ones) and even your cosmetic pouch, etc....but only thing abt LV speedy 30, even though u can stuff more than twiggy/speedy 25, but it tends to be rather heavy when u carry, it's pretty tiring since u can't sling up on the shlder like twiggy.....:nuts: :nuts:
  4. The TWIGGY (imo, not hard measurements b/c I have all three bags), is somewhere between a Speedy 25 and 30. It has the height of 25 and the capacity of 30. Nice thing about the TWIGGY is the handles fit over my shoulders! So I can comfortably wear it as a shoulder bag and the tassels look really hip and young.

    I used to use my speedies quite often because they're such great sizes. Now I'm a convert to the TWIGGY style. LV is a bit too matronly. Go get one, you won't regret it!

  5. Yep, I agree...looks terrible stuffed.
  6. i agree... even tho it's a beautiful classic it does tend to look a bit on the 'auntyish' side...:p but everyone's gotta have a speedy!

    i'm trying to decide between getting the speedy 25 + maybe a coach bag from the outlet for everyday use or a cornflower twiggy..!! :sweatdrop:
  7. I have a Speedy 30 and have not used it in ages because its a bit more lady like and the twiggy is more rock chick which is what I like style wise.

    I have always wanted a Speedy though since they are such a classic bag, so I'm hesitant to get rid of it. I think there's a place for both both actually but it depends on the owners needs and seeing if there is room for both since overall, they both hold a similar amount and have a similar feel in the hand.
  8. Twiggy is more like the 25 imo...Pick the bbag over the LV - the LV speedy will be around forever and you can always get it later!
  9. but that's what i keep telling myself...!! but at that rate i'm just NEVER going to get an LV with all the beautiful colours balenciaga comes out with!!! :roflmfao:
  10. There you go! That's your answer right there. Think about all the different colors you can get your Twiggy in. I have a Sapin Twiggy which I am just LOVING a lot! There's just so much you can stuff into it, so the size of it, just to look at, is pretty misleading.
  11. orinoco, just for you here are comparison pics showing a Sandstone Twiggy and a Damier Azur Speedy 30. Check these out!


    Hope these pics help! :yes: