Quick Tired Eyes Fix?

  1. It's a busy day today and then I have a party at night, and my eyes aren't really cooperating. Do any DIY eye masks actually work for making you look more awake? Ice, tea bags, cucumber - any recommendations?
  2. I use BOBBI BROWN EYE BRIGHTENER..under my eyes...to disguise tired eyes...Its my fave product ....other than that..I heard cucumbers on the eyes work too
  3. I don't know if they make me look any more awake, but Celestial Seasonings peppermint tea bags always make my eyes feel great when they're tired out... sorry if that's not very helpful; I guess it's more of a getting-through-an-all-nighter tactic than a looking-cute one.
  4. Sometimes I wrap an ice cube in a towel and gently put it over my eyes to perk 'em up. Then a good concealer!
  5. Thanks ladies. I guess I'd better whip out the concealer.
  6. I have tried every eye repair creme but here's what works really good:

    you can buy it at most stores (CVS,Walgreen's)

    It's called Sudden Change ~ 3 minute under eye firming serum.

    Just put on a lite layer around your eyes and it really works well. And then I apply a lite layer of dusting powder.
  7. I keep a large spoon in the freezer and when my eyes feel puffy i grab the spoon outta the freezer and put them on my eyes until they lose their coldness!!!
  8. at my last facial i was told to freeze tea in ice cube trays and rub them under puffy tired eyes (combo of the ice and caffeine works apparently) but when it comes to a quick fix, use yellow eye concealer. it gives an instant open look to you eye (i apply to upper and lower lid) and it works wonders!
  9. use ysl touche eclat. my eyes look so awake after i put it on every morning.
  10. Tired eyes are a BEAR. I have a simple kit I keep handy, and keeping everything together and clean makes the difference. I can just grab it quickly when I need it - all I need is the extras from the fridge.

    1. clean, easy to wipe plastic container. labeled, with any "extras"

    2. "do not disturb" cotton eye mask :p

    3. silk or satin covered glass-bead eye mask with elastic string (kept in fridge in drawer)

    I grab the glass-beads eye mask out of the fridge and place them over my eyes and then layer over the cotton mask. It keeps the cold in, and really helps darken the experience to make me relax.

    easy, but really effective!
  11. ^That really does work!

    Storing eye cream in the fridge can also help. But when I feel like my eyes look really tired, the best fix IMO is makeup. I use a little light-reflecting concealer under my eyes, a little bit of white shimmer in the inner corners, I curl my lashes and use a little extra mascara so my eyes look more wide open.
  12. I use benefit Mr. eyecon, really works to help dark circles fade. I recommend using a bright pearl/cream or similar colored eyeliner underneath eyes to make your eyes look more alive. I love benefit 'eye bright', it's like a shimmery creamy pink pencil. I apply on my water line, focusing on my tear ducts. Hope this helps.
  13. Bodyshop's Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel really helps to de-puff puffy eyes:biggrin:
  14. You should definitely try placing a cold spoon (put it in the freezer for a few minutes) on each eye.. the coldness will reduce some of the bags, although it won't do much for any dark circles - you'll need a good concealer for that. My rec. would be Lancome's Effacernes... I've tried TONS of concealers, and this is my favorite!
  15. I also thank you all for the ideas. I have a big birthday party to attend tonight...now I just need to figure out my make-up!