Quick there are 2 fendi spy's at jillsconsignment

  1. right now! a black and camel color one for 995!!
  2. :crybaby: I just went to buy both as the price is fantastic but they only ship to the US and i am in the UK
  3. yes, it's a shame they don't ship internationally :sad: Would have liked the black one, but not bubbly enough for me :push:
  4. I shop at Jill's all the time and if you contact them they will ship outside the states!
  5. good luck ladies!
  6. OMG really? Where are you? I will call them as soon as I can cos I would KILL to get my hands on one of these!!! There is no fendi where I'm at so imagine how excited I am.... If they post out of the US.... OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

    :drool: :nuts::choochoo::happydance:
  7. Silly question, cos I know a PF'er wouldn't reccommend them if they weren't legit but they are authentic aren't they? Anyone bought from them before?
  8. I did think ahead of the game last night and sent them an email on the off chance they may ship to the UK so i will await their response. Thankyou
  9. Are they authentic ???
    Maybe you should ask for more pics (hologram and leather tags)...
  10. Yeah I'll going to be staying up late tonight so that I can call them when they open. Florida is 14 hours back for me, so it's a late one!
  11. I am starting to have doubts.......... It sounds too good to be true.
  12. Both are sold.... :crybaby:

    (by the way, thanks Lit for answering my authenticity questions)