Quick Switches and Black Holes...


Mar 29, 2007

Since it's safe to assume that no one on this forum owns only one bag and uses it constantly, I have a couple of questions:

1. How often do you switch bags?
2. How do you keep your goodies organized and prevent your purse from becoming a black hole?

I just purchased a flower applique top handle pouch and am going to use that for some goodies to keep in larger bags.

I also just bought a Le Sportsac 3 zipper cosmetic tote on eBay that is awesome! I think that's going to help me keep lotion, handwipes, lip balm, gum, etc., which should make it easier to move bags.

I'm currently still using my choc sig braided hobo b/c it's so easy to use with kids. Also love the hippie!:yes:


Jan 23, 2007
oh i think i switch bags every time i go out (taking into consideration what outfit i'm wearing)

i store them all stuffed with their original tissue stuffing and inside their dustbags in a line n the top shelf of my closet

i know , i lead a difficult life ;) haha


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Mar 19, 2007
Depending on what I'm wearing or where I'm going, I probably switch bags once a week or so. The switching itself is what helps me keep my bags organized - if I carry the same one for too long, stuff accumulates in it that I don't need and clutters up the bag. Switching bags somewhat often means cleaning out my bags often, which means better organization.

- TwoSirius


Mar 28, 2007
oh i think i switch bags every time i go out (taking into consideration what outfit i'm wearing)

i store them all stuffed with their original tissue stuffing and inside their dustbags in a line n the top shelf of my closet

i know , i lead a difficult life ;) haha
LOL! I do this too....except I hang mine on walls in their dust bags.

I switch my bag AT least once a day, sometimes up to three times a day.


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May 7, 2007
I usually switch up every week or so, unless I am going out or something like that. I carry one of my totes for every day and travel. When I go out or go bowling, when I don't need a TON of stuff, I just carry a smaller one...

I just bought a bandana pouch off ebay to store my makeup and lotion stuff in, but otherwise, I agree with twosirius, switching bags often helps keep out the clutter


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Jan 21, 2007
Memphis, TN
I usually switch according to what I'm wearing or where I'm going. And I use my wristlets to keep some stuff in to make it a little easier to switch and keep it organized...the only loose items are usually pens, random papers, and my keys. I also buy multiples of small things (like lotion, hand sanitizer, chapstick) and have a set for each "main" purse that I carry so I don't have to switch those out and risk forgetting something.


Dec 22, 2006
Another daily switcher here, depending on the outfit. I keep small personal care stuff in a wristlet, cards in a card case, misc pencils, etc in a eyeglass case, etc. I agree the daily switching helps to keep the bag neat because I gather up the loose paper receipts and set them aside.
May 9, 2007
I only have 2 bags right now and I still have my pouch in my closet and haven't used it yet. So my soho is my everyday bag. But I'd like to be able to match my shoes to a bag...that's what I'm working on.
i switch every day and when i get home every day the 1st thing i do is empty my bag and put it in its dust bag (but i dont keep them stuffed minus like 2 that i think need it)
And my stuff that i keep in my bag waits on a shelf to be loaded back into another bag the next day

I keep my makeup/lotion stuff in an ergo wristlet
i keep my cell in a mini skinny
my sidekick in a large lurex wristlet
my coins in the hamptons coin purse
So everything is compact and stored away and i just more the wristlets and things from bag to bag


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Apr 18, 2007
Oh so bitten by the LV Bug!
WOW...you guys are really dedicated...I have "seasonal" bags that I switch only every couple of months. I usually use the same gallery tote all summer long (unless I'm going out, then I just put my Legacy ID holder into my black demi and go)


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Mar 27, 2007
I switch whenever I feel like it (and sometimes depending on the weather). I don't carry a lot, so that makes it easy. I have a wallet or wristlet with wallet stuff inside and then datebook, journal, medium beauty case, pill box, and pencil case. So, everything I tend to carry is either rather self-contained or it is in a case and that makes it easy to move stuff between purses.


Jan 27, 2007
I switch everyday depending on my outfit.
When I'm not using them I'll store them in the dustbag back in the box, if the bag has one.

As for keeping things together, I make sure to keep everything in mini skinnies/wristlets/pill boxes, so that it's an easy switch when I move to another bag.


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Sep 22, 2006
Roanoke, VA
Wow... I feel like a bad bag lover now :crybaby:

I switch mine every month or so... I have a few spring/summer bags I rotate and a few fall/winter ones I rotate.

I will only match my bag to my outfit if it is a special event.

I will have to change more often! :Push: