Quick Speedy Question (haha)

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  1. Hi everyone! I need help before I leave the house today!

    I bought a damier azur speedy 30 last night. When I took it home and unfolded it, there are creases bent on both sides of the bag (looks like it could possibly be from the handles?). I can't post a picture because I am not home, but if the bag is sitting up normally with its handles hanging on the sides, the lines/creases are about an inch or two below where the handles fall and they are the same width as the handles. Basically they look like dents.

    Is this normal because of the way it is folded? Will this go away eventually?

    If it is normal, I want to carry my bag this morning but if not I will exchange it later today, so I won't use it.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  2. It will absolutely have those creases for a while, it's the way they store them and put them in the box for you and everything. Those will go away with use, definitely don't exchange it! You'll get the same thing back!
  3. The more you use it, the quicker the creases will fall out. Don't refold it when you are not using it, ok?
  4. Great, thats what I needed to know! TY!

    I won't refold it - I plan on buying one of the 'speedy stuffers' on ebay!

    Thanks again!
  5. I was surprised how long it took for the creases to come out, but they did after 2-3 weeks when the bag is worn. Don't worry.
  6. They will come out eventually. I stuffed mine with some old towels and t-shirts the first days. That helped a lot.
  7. My creases are finally out...I have been carrying my Speedy since she arrived, and I think it took a couple of weeks for the creases to disappear.
  8. That is normal over time the creases will be gone. When you are not using it stuff the bag. that will also help.
  9. yep. me too... it really works;)
  10. I've done the same. It certainly helps the process along!
  11. I was lucky as my bag didn't have any creases at all when I bought it=)! Be patient..=)