Quick Someone!!

  1. holy ****

    someone please get tht!
  2. i just saw it. is it real???
  3. yes!
  4. Is that Bubblegum pink Winona?
  5. I KNEW she's buy it *LOL*
  6. sold. i was about to post but thought it couldn't be real.
  7. yes but lil pochahontas got it.
  8. It's gone.....
  9. who got it??
  10. oh right lol... it was so nice! i love the colour!
  11. i almost bought it and then realized that i don't even like pink. hehe.
  12. a seller who's apparently really nice.
  13. darn!!!!!!!!!!
    tooooo late!
  14. oh no.. the bag doens't look real to me... but i'm not sure.. check the buckles