Quick Shoutout to the Chloe Fashionistas here!!

  1. Just want to say a quick thank you to all the amazing girls on the chloe forum..:heart:..
    I had taken a bit of time off from the forum (nothing but drama unfortunately:tdown:..) but was so happy when I was back on track to return....:love:
    Thank GOD for the chloe forum..you guys are so much fun and so entertaining:roflmfao:....
    Lately the other designer forum I cheat on chloe with has been putting me to sleep:shrugs:!! LOL..
    Keep up the good work ladies!:woohoo:

  2. I was really happy to see you back. I always enjoyed all of the Chloe's you bought and the terrific pictures displaying them! I also remember you being a RPH because my DH is one too; it was an easy association!

    Sorry about all your drama. When I get bored and life seems stale and I have to remind myself that this is good and to count my blessings.
  3. Susie you were the first person that welcomed me back!! I will always remember how good that made me feel!! You are so sweet and you and your sister are a hoot!!
    One year later...my life is on the up and up and I definitely count my blessings too!!
    I was so sorry I missed the chloe xmas exchange too!!:crybaby:
  4. welcome back:flowers:....I totally agree...this is the best place to hangout on TPF and thats why I am always here.:love:
  5. Chodessa - we were all happy to see you back! Some of the older regulars had wandered off to their respective greener pastures and I'm glad that they have other passions but I MISS their expertise and take on things. But the gals here are the best - I totally agree. I have been 'auditing' - is that what you call it when you take a class but don't get the credit? - the Balenciaga forum and it is just not the same. There is a singlemindedness about the bags only. I know that is how it is supposed to be, but getting to know everybody here and adding the personal touch brings a dimension to the appreciation of the purses that is over the top! We tease each other and we care that we get the best deals and we want to bolster each other up when we are down. It just feel really good - like a Chloe family! With all the members being beautiful extremely intelligent and kind girls with great senses of humor!
  6. chodessa, we're so glad you're back with us, I've become a REAL regular here probably about the time you started to take time off, and I have to agree, these Chloe gals are the best. I have been known to hang out on some of the forums (very rarely anymore), and they are very nice tPF'ers, but I feel more at home here.....there is such a 'warm fuzzy' with this group. This is a fun, supportive group!! Besides, we're all seriously addicted...LOL
  7. ITA! Chloe girls are the best!!:tup:
  8. Same here... The Chloe gang is great...
    I sometimes wonder where we will all be in two or five years time... we should exchange emails and contact details before we start to wander off...
  9. This is the only forum I really hang out on here. I read other forums and make the occational post if I know something that is on topic but I like this place the best just like I like Chloe the best. Chloe ladies are classy ladies:tup: and addicts:lol:
  10. Great idea, Maria...I doubt, however, that we'd wondered off far, not until 've nipped this Chloe addiction on the butt....which is probably never:sweatdrop:. I am a life-time addict, hehehe.
  11. We have to be life time addicts. We spent a small fortune to have that status!!!
  12. Hey Div, I think it's called "lurking" or "stalking".
  13. i have said this before in previous posts, but the chloe gang is the best!!!
    i been over to the mulberry side lately and its just not the same, they are not as friendly, can be a little judgmental!
    however here you could post anything and you always get a fab response and the amount of help is overwelming.
    chloes where i first started and it feels like im at home now im back here, even so i bought 2 more paddys within a week of taking part on the chloe forum again!!!
    i love them and i love you guys!!!
    thanks everyone here for just being so GREAT!!
    welcome back chodessa!!!!!

  14. Absolutely!!
  15. I am in total agreement. I have been in some of the others also they definitely are very different. I LOVE the Chloe threads and all of you are super. It is great when you can help someone get a good deal too. The authentic threads for Chloe are like reading a book and the knowledge, OMG!!! Thanks to everyone and special thanks to Mona, Jen, Lescoy, Saz, Kitty, golly, I could go on and on and on....:heart: