QUICK: Should I get the legacy wristlet in clay?

  1. I already have the wristlet in white (from last season) but I LOVE the clay color! Should I splurge and get the clay as well? I've been thinking that it could be my "winter" wristlet. Am I being ridiculous?

    Tell me quick because if I get it it'll be tonight and the Coach store is closing!
  2. Yes Yes Yes!!! Of course get it!!! Clay is beautiful and Gray is the new black this fall!!! Run to Coach asap!!
  3. Of course you should get it!!
  4. Quick! Buy it! Seriously, I think it's a beautiful color and you should buy one if you like it! :yes:

    What else did you expect from us first-class enablers? :graucho::graucho:
  5. you guys are horrible! i've been debating whether to wait for PCE, but I'm a very impatient person. I want my wristlet, and I want it NOW. I'm running to the coach store right now - hopefully i make it before it closes!
  6. YIPPEE!!!!! GO GET IT! Gotta love Clay! :tup:
  7. I saw one in the outlet and it looked well worn and really really scratched.. I am not a fan.. BUT if you love it, go get it girl! :tup: That is what it's all about.. these things are to make US happy!!! :tup:
  8. get it get it get it!!! and then post pics!
  9. I have the Legacy Wristlet in Citron and Whiskey. I love them both but carry my Citron one more. I may get get another wristlet if new colors come out later in the fall.
    I say if you love it get it!
  10. For the love of God, woman, get it!
  11. Did You Get It??? Did You Get It???
  12. i want one too but i m waiting for pce
  13. Yeah get it!!!
  14. update: I went to the store, but they only had the display one. It looked all scratched. There's one on hold for me in another store, but after seeing the display one I'm not sure - it looked all scratched and I don't think I'd be happy if that happened to mine.
  15. yeah...the leather on those tend to do that...it happened to my whiskey wristlet, as well as my ali...some people love that effect.