"Quick" Shoes

  1. This shoe model has been dis-continued. If you find any stock in your store, kindly let me know.
  2. Here is another version of the Quick shoes, in canvas and leather. Again, please let me know if you see any in your store. Thanks.
  3. Canvas and leather version:
  4. Lutz, they discontinued these a while ago, I think they've gone from all of the stores. I know we had them at our big sale in May, and that's the last time I saw them.

    If you know what size you are, i'd keep an eye out on eBay - for a while there were quite a few pairs listed.
  5. Oh how cute!
  6. Thanks Grands Fonds. I need the following sizes for me and my friend:

    Ladies size 38,
    Men's size 40
  7. I love them with jeans - kinda like a cool version of converse or vans.

    Lutz - have you seen the new ones? They're quite fabulous...
  8. Dear Grands Fonds, What are the new ones? Do you know the name of the new model? I like Quick's vintage looking.
  9. ^ new autumn/winter ones
  10. This pair seems to be Quick. They are being ordered in basic colours (black, white, orange, gold, macassar leather) in some stores. They used to come in other colours, canvas, and suede which I missed and would like to buy if still available.

    Thanks Grands Fonds for the eBay link :smile:
  11. no worries! I think they will do new canvas versions in the Spring/Summer season!
  12. I think Luxury Zurich had a pair of men's 40s too.