Quick shoes for ladies in Hong Kong

  1. Is anyone interested to order Quick shoes in the Hong Kong and Macau area? The cost is about HK$5,700 a pair. A total of six pairs is required for a special order. No need to be same colour or size.
  2. Hi Lady Hermes,
    thanks for the thread!
    but can we order different colors?
  3. Dear Chocolat Chaud,

    Yes, you can request a colour you like and we will see if the material is available.
  4. What's quick shoes??
    And are you sure you are allowed to do this here?? :wtf:
  5. You're reading this but not replying?? :boxing::boxing::boxing:
  6. this sounds a bit against the rules I would say
  7. hi AL,
    why would you say it's a bit against the rules?
  8. Well, according to the rules, there is to be no buying/selling on the forum.
  9. Sounds pretty weird. Are they authentic?
  10. Is it just me, or do other people not understand this thread?
  11. ^^ totally in the dark too....
  12. ?
  13. Me, too. I keep coming back to see if it will make sense. Nope.
  14. I googled 'quick shoes'.... it's a make I have never heard of before. I don't think it's got anything to do with Hermes....
  15. Maybe its the name of the shoe?

    I think she is offering a slot to order since she maybe getting that corporate discount?