quick shipping help!

  1. need quick advice.

    Mods sorry if I posted in the wrong section I just need some quick help!

    bought my grail scarf from a seller in Germany.

    she normally ships registered, uninsured to the USA...

    the only want to get insurance I have to go DHL, etc but the spend $80 plus on shipping.

    has anyone had problems? sending from Germany to USA registered, uninsured.

    I don't care about the customs, I want my scarf to arrive quickly....and safely....in a cheap shipping manner ;)
  2. i'd imagine it's fine, as long as your post tends to be fine. i've never had trouble with anything coming from germany, and if it's registered then it should be ok. is that really the cheapest rate she can get on an insured package? :confused1:
  3. yeah I don't mind registered and insured but she said she can't. I am asking again.

    the USA post is pretty good and I know registered basically means anyone that touches the package has to sign something that they did.

    so scarf! normally I dont worry.
  4. have a look here, the rate i figured out is 38€ so just under $60, which is still pretty obscene but it's not $80.. :s


    i'm cheap though, so i'd just get the registered without extra insurance. you're covered by your cc anyway aren't you?
  5. she offered DHL for 80.....but I just HATE DHL haha.
  6. ^^^ I would go with registered.
  7. okay. I think i will.

    i mean...I would hate for it to get lost and me charge it back....and her loose it bc she couldn't insure it.

    but i guess sellers have to prepare themselves for that if they can't insure....
  8. I used to think registered was safe enough. But last year, I returned some plastic bags (Space Bags) to the company in San Diego by registered airmail from my country. The package was tracked all the way to San Francisco, where USPS promptly lost the package. And they were only plastic bags! My local Post has opened a claims against USPS, but the maximum amount claimable is less than USD100.

    A signature is required only upon delivery – it does not mean that USPS delivery personnel will sign the package every step along the way. The only way to track a package every step along the way is to use some sort of courier.

    Normal registered post can be registered – I have received registered post from the UK and France in the past, so I do not see why Germany should be any different.
  9. oh now I am scared.
  10. any other horror stories?
  11. Yeah...a recent UPS nightmare...held up in customs forever...charge was obsene...

    LOL...cost almost $250 to ship my empty orange Hermes box to the US from Paris via DHL...
  12. oh wow. I guess there can be horror stories with all carriers.

    i had a pair of Manolos shipped from london to the USA....pair of shoes were like maybe $750 or something...

    I got the customs bill and it was like $330!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I fought that sucker down to like $100 which is like 10% customs and then fedex fees....

    but I was outraged.

    so I guess it can happen any carrier, etc............so registered mail is the way to go.
  13. Oy my cousin works there! J/K hope everything works out! Never had any issues with post (unreg.) coming from Germany.
  14. I was going to suggest EMS but I just realized that the option is not available in Germany. hope you find a viable solution soon.
  15. just told her to do registered!