Quick Sabrina question....small or large?

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  1. Do you prefer the large sabrina or the smaller one? I would hand carry and shoulder carry. They are sold out everywhere I go so I can't even see them to compare on myself. I am looking at one on ebay right now that is the large.

    If you have one could you please help me decide...I do have a hailey and that is a nice size. Is the large sabrina that much larger than that?

    THANKS ;)
  2. I prefer the large (I have a large Espresso). I don't like how small the small size looks when worn.
  3. espresso sounds like a cool color. does anyone know if all the Sabrinas are gone? is ebay my only choice at this point? my outlet has none and said they will not get any more sabrinas in at all...only if a return came in they would. :pout:
  4. I did the small, and sold it. did not like how hard it was to get stuff out. Just got a large one and really love the bag. there are more coming out this fall. I heard patent leather too, so that is on my list.
  5. Oh...I heard the style was going away! That is cool then I will be able to see them in person. Although I don't know if I can wait until fall.....:nuts:
  6. I have a cherry Sabrina and a black op-art Sabrina,both large. But.. I'm 5'11" and thought the small looked silly on someone my size. I think for the most part, Sabrina owners prefer the large. Good luck in your decision!
  7. The small looks like a little pouch to me. Too small. Large is perfect size.
  8. I had my SA look up Sabrina....in the system but no colors yet.
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    i just bought a small espresso sabrina at my outlet in vacaville - meaning they're not completely gone! ...just hard to find. :T
  10. I have two small Sabrinas and one large one. I actually prefer the small ones. However, I don't carry a ton with me. Which is good because it wouldn't fit in the bag! I say try both on, if you can, to help you decide.
  11. I no longer have mine, but, Large.. hands down!
  12. Large. The style is hard when it comes to finding your stuff easily so the bigger the better :o)
    Also try Macys and Dillards...they may have some!
  13. I have both small and large, and I prefer the small.
  14. I am 5' and prefer the small and wouldn't even consider carrying the larger size! I love the size of the smaller Sabrina, fits my body and my stuff perfectly! :smile: I carry a large wallet, 2 wristlets, mini skinny, phone and mirror compact!! :smile: Good luck deciding, its so hard when you can't see them IRL!!
  15. I'm 5'5'' and I have 2 smalls. The large is lovely, but too large for me personally. In a way, I think the large makes more of a statement.