Quick SA etiquette question...

  1. I hope this doesn't come off sounding silly. I am the proud owner of my first Kelly thanks to a lovely member (photos to come). I am on the Birkin list and have a great relationship with my SA. I'd love to go in and show off my new treasure...but are they on commission? As in- would it be a bit of a slap in the face reminder that he didn't get this sale? I wouldn't want to convey this message, intentionally or not- so I'm not sure how to do this. I would like to show him though...
  2. It's my understanding that in the US corporate stores, at least, the SAs are not on commission for either Birkins or Kellys.

  3. no --they are not on commission--their sales are tallied and they get end of year bonuses based on the stores performance
  4. I'm in Canada though...is that a worldwide policy? I just don't want to seem like I'm rubbing it in, a lost commission...hopefully this makes sense. He's a wonderful man- I think he and Tim Gunn were separated at birth:p
  5. I am seriously in LOVE with Tim Gunn!
  6. I haven't realy got an idea, but I think it would've been strange if they got commissioned for something that sells itself. (Birkin and Kellies)
  7. How would he know you didn't have it already? Or have ya already hinted at wanted a "first" bag?
  8. OT--- OH gosh me too. :heart: I wish we could Make It Work...sigh....
  9. Well that is good info to know :yes:. I always wonder about commission too
  10. Oh, he knows! I told him I was going to buy it from a friend to tide me over until the Birkin comes.
    I just wonder because when I took my mum in there with me to show her the leather book, and she said she really liked the Epsom, he cracked a joke along the lines of, "Well, maybe I made TWO sales today!".
    So I am a bit unsure about how the bonus/commission structure works.
  11. My SA told me that they do get commission and also have quotas beyond that. So if your SA calls another store and gets something for you the SA shipping the item from that store to your store gets the monetary commission but the quota tally goes to your SA. I can't say for sure if Kellys and Birkins count on this but my SA has always acted like commissions are appreciated from any sale be it a Kelly or a Bolide.

    On the main issue, I would definitely walk in and show of the Kelly. There is no harm in your getting it elsewhere and it may improve your service even further as it proves you are a real lover of all things Hermes. My SA has never begrudged me purchases made at other boutiques or resellers although he does cringe at eBay due to the fakes threat issue. Lets face it, not all boutiques have a ready supply of the perfect leather and style so we need to grab what we can when we fall in love and shouldn't be penalized for doing so since Hermes itself doesn't readily stock Kellys or Birkins or any style that comes bo mind in every color combo under the sun.
  12. hm well my old bipolar SA would probably be miffed so i don't tell her anything anymore. my new nonbipolar SAs are total enablers and love to see/hear what i have been up to in adopting new bags. it depends if your SA is + or - ...sorry, i am no help am I?
  13. I don't think you have to be afraid of carrying any H bag into H store whether or not you buy it from that SA.
  14. Stylefly, My worry was the opposite. I live in Canada and my Hermes store is in the US. I have never even walked through the Toronto stores door. I mentioned that I would not even buy anything from another store and the Store Director(the owner of the franchise) encouraged me to go to other stores as well. I was told to buy the things I love when you see them,as each store receives different items. I am going to NYC in November and my Store Director has made an appointment for me to have my initials stamped on my Birkin. People do travel and make purchases in other cities/countries.