Quick rocco reveal!!!!

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  1. My black\brass rocco w\ a strap arrived from Shopbop this morning and I'm in love. The leather is perfect, not too bubbly. Sort of a mix between the two textures I've seen... Running off to work, but two quick photos!!!!



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  2. Beautiful and great leather texture! Congrats!
  3. Congrats, I know how excited you were for this beauty! It looks like divine pebbly leather heaven.That was awesome Shopbop matched the sale price of a non-strap bag for you.
  4. yum yum yum!
  5. Love it! What is the strap like? Is it a big improvement over the previous bags that didn't have a strap?
  6. beautiful!!!!
  7. The bag feels lighter to me, not just because of the strap. The leather is also softer and more airy than my original rocco bag.

    I'll take photos of the strap later.... it reminds me a bit of the strap on the city bag, but is adjustable to three different lengths. There is a padded area for the top of the shoulder. I haven't seen photos of the strap specifically, so will be sure to take some.
  8. I got VERY lucky. Ssense no longer has the bag, and I heard shopbop wasn't price matching for everyone who called.
  9. beautiful! enjoy her!!!
  10. Congrats hun :biggrin:
  11. Congrats! Love the Rocco :heart:
  12. Ugh....I'm so jealous....I LUV your rocco!
  13. Another gorgeous Rocco.:yahoo: Congrats.
  14. it's beautiful!!!!
  15. HOT! love this color combo! congrats and enjoy!