Quick reveal

  1. Hi friends! Just wanted to post a quick reveal for some goodies I received today. I've been pretty content with my Chanel collection but some items have recently caught my eye. Hope you enjoy and thanks for letting me share!

  2. Here!
  3. I love love love the metallics that are out this season but I'm super nervous about getting it in a larger bag since metallic lamb is so delicate. But I just had to get my hands on something....so I bought the turquoise card case. Love the color so much!!

  4. Ooh, loving this!! Wait, what's in the bigger box?
  5. I've been wanting a blue bag to add to my collection but missed out on the cobalt blue from last spring. I would say this shade is a tad bit darker but still gorgeous. I'm all about minis and crossbody bags these days and I'm so happy I was able to find this. Introducing my 17S blue lambskin square mini with light gold hardware .

    IMG_1492635290.287677.jpg IMG_1492635301.826965.jpg IMG_1492635309.551476.jpg IMG_1492635316.735502.jpg IMG_1492635323.668287.jpg
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  6. What a beauty!! Great color for the season. Definitely something different. Thanks for the eye candy!
  7. My spring act 2 items

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  8. Updated shot of my mini family

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  9. Ummm, I love your family. What size is the black one?
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  10. Thank you!! All rectangular except the blue.
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  12. That blue is gorgeous! Congrats!
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  13. OMG missCC that is stunning! I have the 16S square but this 17S is also gorgeous in a different way. I want them both - wish we have unlimited budgets... This mini adds a fun pop of color but can still be "serious" if need be - great choice!
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  14. Stunning blue! The colour is so deep n saturated in lamb! It looks like it has a slight sheen too :smile: congrats on the mini n the beautiful turquiose slg :smile:
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  15. Both items are beautiful!! Congrats!!
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