Quick reveal!

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  1. Hi hi,

    I just received this today after waiting on the wait list for a week! 😍
  2. Here!
  3. Here too!
  4. Here you go! 😍
  5. Palm Springs Backpack?
  6. 😄🤔
  7. Welcoming my mini Palm Springs backpack 🎒
  8. I knew it! Palm Spring mini back pack. I could tell by the shape. Congrats! It's gorgeous.
  9. BUT! I noticed something! The corner seem to have 2 holes/cracks at the canvas due to the stitching! 😧 Is it normal? 🤔
  10. That doesn't look normal to me. It's likely that could get worse.
  11. Oh man that does not look normal :cry:

    The mini backpack is flipping adorable though!!! :heart:
  12. 🤔 Yeah, I keep looking at the 2 holes/cracks at the stitching many times and it's really bothering me. 🙄 I also worried it might get worse when I started using as a sling bag because the canvas will sure rub against my body. This rubbing may cause the 2 holes/cracks to get BIGGER! 😳
  13. Congrats! It's super cute!
  14. So cute!!! Congrats!!
  15. Cute!