Quick reveal!!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    My hubby took me to buy a mother's day gift today! I was on the fence with this bag for years and finally decided to get a Neverfull MM! This was the only monogram Neverfull w/Rose Ballerine interior they had and it's Made in Spain!

    I wasn't in the market for a wallet but asked my SA if they had any wallets with Rose ballerine interior and she said they were all sold out, she looked anyway and brought out a Josephine wallet also Made in Spain!

    I LOVE this set so much and happy I was able to get both! Thanks for letting me share! :smile:

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  2. Beautiful items, congrats!
  3. Thanks so much LVlvoe_bug! After buying the Totally MM DE & the jungle print bandau a couple of weeks ago, I think it's time I sail away to ban island even though my hubby bought it for me I always feel guilty you know?! lol
  4. Congrats!! I never understood the hype with the neverfull until I got one. It's a great bag!
  5. Amazing pair!!! Gorgeous colors!!! That was a wonderful Mother's Day gift. You're one lucky gal!
  6. Beautiful!!:heart:
  7. Congrats!!
  8. Very pretty! Congrats!! :smile:
  9. Awww congrats! They are both so lovely!
  10. Gorgeous!!
  11. Beautiful!!!!
  12. Love It!! that bag is my next purchase! I never thought I wanted it but I think it would be great for work and travel! Enjoy! Love the ballerine color!
  13. Thank you NWGal! I felt the same way especially for a bag without a zippered closure! lol I'm so glad I have it though, I love it!
  14. Thank you so much dell! I am very blessed indeed :smile:

  15. Thank you MeepMeep67! I can't wait to use them! :smile: