Quick reveal!

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  1. After lusting over the celine box for quite some time, i finally went out and purchased one. I ended up with the mini box in black and i am so in love with it. I ultimately went with the mini because I am super petite and the medium would be too overwhelming on my frame.
    Here's a pic of me sitting with it in the car. :biggrin: (I haven't removed all the blue wrapping off the hardware yet. So thats why you can see a hint of blue)

  2. May I ask how much is it?
  3. Lovely, congrats!
  4. It is $2950 USD

  5. Congrats!!! So glad I caught your reveal!!! The small box is gorgeous and the size is perfect for petite frames!!!! Stunning
  6. I'm wondering how much stuff you can fit it in? Is this bag really tiny?
  7. It is a tiny bag, but it is also pretty thick very thick. It fits my iphone6s (not sure it'll fit a iphone 6s plus), a small wallet, keys, chapstick, eye drops, a re-useable bag, and some room for maybe a few other small items. I'll try to post pics when i get a chance.

    i love it!! Do you ever just use the last hole on the strap to make it longer? or do you always use both of the gold clasps?

    Thank you!
  8. Gorgeous!'m loving these reveals of the mini version of the box, as I haven't seen any in quite a while. Making me want to go out and get one for myself as I like the look of the mini box a little bit more than the classic size.
  9. here is what i normally carry in my purse when i'm about and about.
    my phone (iphone 6s), small wallet, battery pack, eye drops, chapstick, keys. the purse has room for more items, but i also wouldn't want to over stuff the bag


  10. I only use the last hole with the long strap as I prefer to carry it Cross body than on the shoulder, esp when chasing after a toddler
  11. Thank you for posting that. Not sure if my 6 plus would fit.
  12. Just beautiful. Congrats
  13. so beautiful i love the box i think it's celine's most beautiful design
  14. I absolutely love the size and I don't tend to carry around too much anyway. Should definitely check it out. They had black, red, and stingray when I was there.

    Thank you :biggrin:

    I am beginning to feel the same about the box design. I have a nano luggage tote and i'm wondering how often i'll use it now.
  15. It's beautiful!! Congrats!