Quick reveal!

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  1. Hi ladies

    Just a quick reveal of my recent purchase...



    Its a Large Celine Trio in Chartreuse..I am so in love with the colour its not too striking yet not too safe as well..

    I own a lot of black bags as I think that it easier to match with any outfit..so I thought I'd go a bit adventurous this year and go for other colours and I'm loving this one!

    It was quite a spur of the moment kinda purchase ( which is so not me) but I have been working hard so I thought why not treat myself to one

    My next goal would be a Celine Box in Red! Wish me luck in finding one and I'm sure I will be back here to ask for advice from you expert

    Have a good day!
  2. Congrats! Lovely color!
  3. Lovely, congrats!
  4. Fabulous. Congrats.

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  5. awesome color!
  6. congrats!! i have a BV wallet in chartreuse. this color photographs so differently in every type of lighting!