Quick reveal!!!

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  1. Just got home and finally have some time to post pictures of what I purchased at the boutique today. I'm getting ready to turn in for the night so I will make this quick!

    Just a quick update...I've been patiently awaiting the arrival of my jumbo in fuchsia and watching and reading up on everyone's reveal is making me have anxiety! I had the m/l lambskin and patent in hand and passed on 2 separate occasions because deep down I really want the jumbo. I'm on the waitlist at bloomingdales and my sa at the boutique I shop at frequently has his eyes out for me. My concern is that I'm number 14 on the list and they are only getting in 11 at bloomingdales. I think I will have a good chance of getting it just as long as a few people above me pass on it. My regular sa tries the best he can but he doesn't work 7 days a week so it would suck if a shipment comes in on a day he's off and they sell everything! Or I'm notified too late and left with a wonky looking one or something is wrong with it. I'm very particular with the quality of my bags...if anyone is going to dirty it then that person has going to be me! I don't want a bag that has been on display or has been passed around...no matter how much I love it.

    Anyways, on a lazy Saturday afternoon I decided to stop on by chanel even though my sa already told me there's no new shipments of my fuchsia yet. I went in just to browse and chitchat with him and to thank him for always hunting items down for me. I know that's what he does but still...I like to show and voice my appreciation. Low and behold, as soon as I walked in he flagged me down and took me over to the ready to wear section. He told me he has a bag he found and wanted to show me but everyone has been eyeing that bag and he was so happy I came in. It's not a bag on my radar but my eyes lit up as soon as he cracked open the box and I saw a piece of the color showing through the white opaque tissue paper it is wrapped up in. Needless to say I told him...SOLD!!!


    BUT I still want my fuchsia lamb jumbo!!
  2. Big bag but a little deceiving...

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  3. ...bcs the box isn't that big hahah...any guesses as to what it may be???

    Better yet, anyone even up??

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  4. I'm here!
  5. Thanks soadyjones for joining and sorry I had to step away to answer a phone call...anyways here's the rest of the pictures...presenting my first bag of its kind...
  6. My very first boy!!

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  7. Oh wow! I'm glad I stuck around for that. It's absolutely gorgeous, congrats !
  8. She's such a fun color!!! I love red!!

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  9. Oh dear, you've really got me here haha I'm a sucker for anything red too. The boy has never been on my radar but that is truly stunning
  10. Here she is with the rest of her red sisters! I know this is a boy bag but the red makes this a girl bag hehe

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  11. I usually try to look for true reds (no orange or red undertone) but this 14s red does have a heavy orange undertone especially in light (with flash). Not sure how she looks in natural sunlight though. Regardless I love how edgy this bag looks. I've been avoiding boy bags because it just looks so bulky on me but I think I've found the right sized boy for me!!

    Here she is next to my mini blue for a size comparison in case anyone wants to know...

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  12. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
  13. And on a side note...ladies pls pls pls use your bags. Don't baby them. I believe tutushopper posted this already and I agree whole heartedly with what she said. Love your bags. Use them. Don't just admire them and stare at them. Don't be afraid to use them. Also don't be afraid of lambskin!! I take good care of my bags but that doesn't mean I baby them. For example my red jumbo and blue mini...I used them on a regular basis (rotate them through my wardrobe) but the quilts are just as puffy as how they were when I first bought them. I actually used my mini on a daily basis while I was on my trip in Italy last yr. She went through and endured a lot. There are signs of usage but I still adore her. All of my bags have hairline scratches on the hardware but it does not take away fr the bag's beauty whatsoever.
  14. Gasp!!! Oh wow, blusparkles17, your new boy is amazing and very eye-catching indeed!!! :smile:

    I love that you posted a comparison pic with your classic rectangle mini. Would you say that the small boy holds the same amount of stuff as the classic mini?
  15. He is absolutely amazing! Congrats! :woohoo: